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Drive Sweden Forum


In March, Drive Sweden organized the Forum event. The program was based on presentations of project results that contribute in various ways to more sustainable mobility and a more efficient transport system. All projects have been financed with the support of Drive Sweden. Now you can take part of all the speakers' presentations and the recorded film of the program.

Arranged by: 
Drive Sweden


Malin Andersson, Program Director Drive Sweden and Peter Eriksson, Chairman Drive Sweden

Session 1: Traffic rules of the future

Session 2: Next generation mobility solutions for real estate owners

Session 3: Optimizing mobility solutions and transport by using data

Session 4: Roadmaps for a more automated future

Session 5: Keynote speakers

Paving the way for automated driving in Norway
Ingrid Dahl Hovland, Director General of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration

Wrap up discussion with
Tomas Levin, Senior Principal Engineer at Norwegian Public Roads Administration