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Public engagement

Fem personer sitter vid ett bord och har en diskussion

Public engagement in future mobility solutions has been identified as a priority for governments, industry and other stakeholders in order to reap the expected societal and business benefits linked to the new technologies and services.

After seeing the challenges associated with this, we have highlighted the need to develop methods and collaboration models that aim to engage users in contributing to how sustainable mobility solutions of the future are developed. Users must be part of the process of creating new mobility solutions through user-involving innovation methods.

Program activities

You are welcome to attend our open meetings, and you also have the opportunity to take part in the content afterwards. Click on the event, and you will find presentations from previous events.

Lindholmen Science Park: Pascal, Lindholmspiren 3-5, Gothenburg

Drive Sweden Thematic Area Meet-Up: Public Engagement – Engaging people in future mobility co-design activities

Welcome to a meet-up arranged by Drive Sweden Thematic Area Public Engagement! This time, the...

Drive Sweden Public Engagement Competence Network Lunch & Learn: Ung Mobilitet

Welcome to our second Lunch & Learn with our competence network within our thematic area Public...
Baertling Hall, Kristian IV:s väg 3, Halmstad University
Group of people in a workshop

How will we experience future mobility and transport?

Invitation for a day to discuss and learn about people-centred mobility research and development.

Public Engagement Competence Network Lunch & Learn: Getting Cozy with Shared Autonomy

What are the enablers and barriers for shared autonomous mobility? And how do we need to work with...

Projects and results

Read project results about, for example, co-creation labs and user-driven innovation methods based on human-centered research.



The purpose of the project is to develop solutions that can contribute to sustainable mobility in the form of demonstrators/pilots in a specific site, being useful "for all" and then being applied in...
ad cards photo

AHA - A Human Approach

Should we, and our cities, adapt to new urban mobility or can technology be tailored for us? The AHA projects aims at establishing new ways of developing modern vehicles and smart cities for a...
AHA II presenteras under Drive Sweden Forum 220908.

AHA II - A Human Approach II

AHA II is based on the collaborative model developed in AHA, where they engaged the users in the development of future mobility solutions.
Illustration av mobilitet i en stad.

Autonomous transport system

If autonomous vehicles should have a future role in urban environments, technology and technology systems need to provide a clear value to the users, in this case both for cities and its residents...
Fem personer sitter vid ett bord och har en diskussion

How Drive Sweden works with Public engagement competence network

We gather different stakeholders and use experiences for everyday life as a starting point to create realistic solutions and opportunities to cross -fertilize different knowledge and perspectives from Drive Sweden partners. This creates a unique, dynamic holistic view.

Public engagement also raises questions about accessibility, ethics and socially responsible development. And Drive Sweden is a powerful platform to create deeper understanding between product and community developers, decision makers and the people who are potentially affected by the technology.

Want to know more?

Contact the leaders of public engagement.

Ingrid Skogsmo
Ingrid Skogsmo
magnus granstrom
Magnus Granström
Mia Hesselgren