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How we work

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In collaboration with approximately 200 partner organizations and additional actors found within our projects, we drive development that will lead to improved accessibility to mobility and transport for individuals and companies, and that the environmental performance and traffic safety increases at a system level. We bring together small and large companies, public organizations, universities and research institutes to co-create, test and demonstrate new connected, shared and automated solutions that contribute to a more efficient use of vehicles, street space and road infrastructure in Sweden.

This is done by monitoring, analyzing and disseminating knowledge about the development of the mobility system, in Sweden and internationally. We gather municipalities, regions, authorities, business, academia and institutes for effective and constructive collaborations. We get to know each other's perspectives and driving forces and thus find the fastest way to implement and commercialize new solutions. And not least, we finance projects, the results of which we promote and which can lead to new solutions and contribute to continued development of knowledge.

In order to work systematically to produce relevant projects, find cross-sectoral challenges, stimulate a broad exchange of knowledge and get the necessary actors to move in the same direction, we work with different thematic areas. In addition, work is conducted through projects and centrally by the program, which can be seen in the picture below. This is coordinated by the program office. In this way, we get focused initiatives, relevant crosstalk and good opportunities to get the right actors to see the right issues.

Below is more information about some of our cornerstones.

Projects and program activities

Our work is divided between projects and program activities. The projects explore specific issues and develop solutions that can in various ways contribute to a more sustainable transport system and Drive Sweden's vision. Project ideas can be realized through our open calls or by going through a process to become so-called strategic projects. Read about how you can create a project here.

Our program activities are various forms of events, outlooks, newsletters and meetings that aim to increase the transition of knowledge, strengthen the network and contribute to effective collaborations. These are carried out by our front office and program office.

Drive Swedens samarbetsplattform
Drive Swedens temaområden

Thematic areas

Drive Sweden´s work is divided into five thematic areas. The structure is based on the different components that need to be addressed in the transformation of the transport and mobility system.
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In order to change our current mobility system to a connected, automated and sustainable system, cooperation between different kinds of stakeholders is necessary. Drive Sweden is an ecosystem of about...