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How we work

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In collaboration with approximately 200 partner organizations and additional actors found within our projects, we drive development that will lead to improved accessibility to mobility and transport for individuals and companies, and that the environmental performance and traffic safety increases at a system level. We bring together small and large companies, public organizations, universities and research institutes to co-create, test and demonstrate new connected, shared and automated solutions that contribute to a more efficient use of vehicles, street space and road infrastructure in Sweden.

This is done by monitoring, analyzing and disseminating knowledge about the development of the mobility system, in Sweden and internationally. We gather municipalities, regions, authorities, business, academia and institutes for effective and constructive collaborations. We get to know each other's perspectives and driving forces and thus find the fastest way to implement and commercialize new solutions. And not least, we finance projects, the results of which we promote and which can lead to new solutions and contribute to continued development of knowledge.

In order to work systematically to produce relevant projects, find cross-sectoral challenges, stimulate a broad exchange of knowledge and get the necessary actors to move in the same direction, we work with different thematic areas. In addition, work is conducted through projects and centrally by the program, which can be seen in the picture below. This is coordinated by the program office. In this way, we get focused initiatives, relevant crosstalk and good opportunities to get the right actors to see the right issues.

Below is more information about some of our cornerstones.

Projekt och programaktiviteter

Grunden i vårt arbete delas upp mellan projekt och programaktiviteter. Projekten utforskar specifika frågeställningar och utvecklar lösningar som på olika vis kan bidra till ett mer hållbart transportsystem och Drive Swedens vision. Projektidéer kan förverkligas som projekt genom våra öppna utlysningar eller genom beslut om att de ska startas genom så kallade strategiska projekt. Läs om hur du kan skapa ett projekt här.

Våra programaktiviteter är olika former av event, omvärldsbevakning, nyhetsbrev, framtidsutblickar som syftar till att öka kunskapsspridningen, stärka nätverket och bidra till effektiva samarbeten. Dessa utförs av vårat kansli och programkontor.

Drive Swedens samarbetsplattform

Thematic areas

Drive Sweden's work is divided into five thematic areas. The structure is based on the different aspects that need to be addressed in the development of the mobility system for the future. Each thematic area is led by representatives from our Program Office and arrange Thematic Area Meetings offering possibilities for relevant actors to get area-related updates and opportunities to identify and discuss needs and challenges that must be solved in collaboration.

Drive Sweden temaområden

Read more about the thematic areas here

Business models

New and more sustainable technologies within mobility and transport services create business opportunities. At the same time, business models and the business ecosystem have been identified as bottlenecks for the growth of new services as the value chain will change. In both people and goods transport we expect new and changed roles, a shift in how value is captured and created and new types of public-private business relationships. That is why we focus on business models.

Public engagement

The public’s acceptance, input, experiences are crucial for new mobility services and means of transport to be as useful and profitable as possible. Drive Sweden’s work with public engagement has emerged from previous projects on public acceptance and human-centric collaborative innovation methods and we take the lessons learnt into new work in the field.
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Spatial planning

Digitalisation and automated transport systems can create value for societies. And we need spatial planning processes that enable the development and upscaling of the mobility of the future. In our push against rethinking and reaching new visions for mobility we are working for a deeper connection between public and private stakeholders.
Data från trafik i Stockholm som visas i Innovation Cloud. Ett exempel på arbete med digital infrastruktur inom Drive Sweden.

Digital infrastructure

As the transport sector is transforming into being more connected, automated, electric and service oriented – there is a global race to quickly develop products and services to meet new needs and markets. Drive Sweden has been working with this for a long time and keeps staying at the forefront of this development.
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Policy development

New innovation risk to not be used or to be delayed due to old regulations. New digital mobility solutions are pushing all kinds of legal systems to change, adapt, clarify and make new definitions. Therefore, Drive Sweden aims to be a platform for stakeholder collaboration around the development of policies and regulations for new cooperative, connected and automated mobility solutions.

Program Platforms

Drive Sweden has identified a number of questions that are important to many projects or program initiatives. Areas that need an in-depth focus to be driven forward, that benefit from continuity and a certain coordination. For example, it can be about international contexts that require quick and collected efforts, channels to market the competence within our network through or more continuous "lab environments" where projects or partners can develop and test specific issues.

We have gathered these areas in special initiatives, our Program Platforms. Get in touch with the platforms' contact persons if you want to know more. You find them below.

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Drive Sweden SME Network

The Drive Sweden SME Network provides support to our small and medium-sized partners in their efforts to promote smart mobility globally, while also growing as companies.


The progress made within the Drive Sweden platform has attracted a great deal of interest around the world. A testament to that is, among other things, that we have partners from about 20 different countries. Through an increased international engagement, we are addressing the increased global interest in Drive Sweden while opening up new opportunities for knowledge-sharing and networking that can fuel the work to solve the challenges of future mobility.
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AI Driven Mobility

AI brings an enormous potential to enable new products and services and to make existing processes more efficient. AI therefore drives societal solutions and competitiveness for companies and organizations embracing the opportunities. AI Driven Mobility is one dedicated component to accelerate the Swedish mobility ecosystem in this direction.
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Drive Sweden Business Model Lab

Automated Connected Vehicles and Mobility services create new business opportunities. Continuous improvements in technology address many of the current technological challenges, while business models remain a bottleneck.
Drive Sweden Policy Lab presenteras på Drive Sweden Forum 220908.

Drive Sweden Policy Lab

Since regulations cannot change in a speed that matches the quick development of technology and market, new methods for policy and regulation innovation are needed.
Några av Innovation Clouds delar presenteras.

Drive Sweden Innovation Cloud

Drive Sweden Innovation Cloud provides our project partners with a technology and service platform to enable and drive development, demonstration and innovation of automated transport and mobility services, powering Sweden and Swedish actors to reach Drive Sweden's goals of making Sweden a leader in the field.
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In order to change our current mobility system to a connected, automated and sustainable system, cooperation between different kinds of stakeholders is necessary. Drive Sweden is an ecosystem of about...