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The partners create the greatest effects of the program's work; both through an exchange of knowledge that strengthens all different actors but also through concrete results and initiatives from the projects and forums in which they participate. Our partners represent the public sector, business and academia – both nationally and internationally.

See all our partners below.

Become a partner

Do you and your organization want to be part of Drive Sweden's network? As a partner, you engage in activities within in one or more of our thematic areas and by doing so get great opportunities for networking, exchange of knowledge with a large number of committed actors from different types of organizations and opportunities to in collaboration drive new, important projects that contribute to a more sustainable mobility.

Drive Sweden partners

2 get there logo
4 dialog logotyp
Adastec logotyp
Afry logotyp
Aiden logotyp
Applied Autonomy logotyp
Arthur D little logotyp
AstaZero logotyp
Atkins Realis logotyp
Austriatech logtyp
Autoliv logotyp
Auvetech logotyp
Avere logotyp
Amazon web services logotyp
Bai du logotyp
Berge logtoyp
Beta Mobility logotyp
Beverly hills driven by innovation logotyp
Biketo logotyp
Bumblebee labs logotyp
Business Sweden logotyp
Bzzt logotyp
Cabonline logotyp
Careem logotyp
Carmenta Automotive logotyp
Chalmers logotyp
City of Gothenburg logotyp
Clean motion logotyp
Cogo logotyp
Conigital logotyp
Consat logotyp
Decerno logotyp
Deloitte logotyp
DHL logotyp
Diadrom logotyp
Easymile logotyp
Easypark logotyp
Edeva logotyp
Einride logotyp
EIT urban mobility logotyp
Eljun logotyp
Elonroad logotyp
Ericsson logotyp
Ey logotyp
Fairtiq logotyp
Fev logotyp
Folksam logotyp
Fortos logotyp
Freelway logotyp
Frekis logotyp
Fyma logotyp
Geojunxion logotyp
GoMore logotyp
Halda logotyp
Handelsbanken logotyp logotyp
Helsingborg logotyp
Here logotyp
Hertz logotyp
Holo logotyp
Huawei logotyp
Humanising autonomy logotyp
Högskolan i Halmstad logotyp
IBM logotyp
Ice makers logotyp
Icomera logotyp
Init logotyp
Innovatum science park
International road federation logotyp
Ioki logotyp
Italdesign logotyp
Its sweden logotyp
K2 centrum logotyp
Kapsch logotyp
Keolis logotyp
Kista science city logotyp
Klimator logotyp
Koenigsegg logotyp
Kognic logotyp
KTH logotyp
Lindholmen Science Park logotyp
Linky logotyp
Linköping university logotyp
Logicompany3 logotyp
Lunds kommun logotyp
Lynk & co logotyp
Länsförsäkringar logotyp
Magna logotyp
Mekonomen Group logotyp
Mimer logotyp
Mobility sweden logotyp
Monotch logotyp
Nagoon logotyp
Navya logotyp
NCS logotyp
Need insights logotyp
Neolix logotyp
NetApp logotyp
Netport science park logotyp
Nevs logotyp
Next logotyp
Nobina logotyp
Norconsult logotyp
Nvidia logotyp
Ohmio logotyp
okq8 logotyp
ONE nordic logotyp
Open mobility foundation logotyp
Padam mobility logotyp
Pantonium logotyp
Polestar logotyp
Populus logotyp
Postnord logotyp
Qlik logotyp
Ramboll logotyp
Repli5 logotyp
Ridecell logotyp
Rise logtgoyp
Roadcloud logotyp
Roschier logotyp
Sab group logotyp
Samtrafiken logotyp
Scania logotyp
Shotl logotyp
Silverrail logotyp
Sintef logotyp
Sioux logotyp
SJ logotyp
SOS international
Spare labs logotyp
Stagecoach logotyp
Statens vegvesen logotyp
Stockholm school of economics logotyp
Stockholms stad logotyp
Stretch connect logotyp
Sustainable innovation logotyp
Svenska taxiförbundet logotyp
Swarco logotyp
Sweco logotyp
Swedavia airports
Technolution move logotyp
Tele2 logotyp
Telenor connexion logotyp
Telia logotyp
T-engineering logotyp
Tensoreye logotyp
Terranet logotyp
Tier logotyp
T-kartor logotyp
Toyota logotyp
Trafikverket logotyp
The train brain logotyp
Transdev logotyp
Transportstyrelsen logotyp
Triathlon logotyp
Triona logotyp
Triply logotyp
Trivector logotyp
Trollhättans stad logotyp
Uber logotyp
Ublox logotyp
Ucity logotyp
UniqueSec logotyp
Töi logotyp
University of Borås logotyp
Univrses logotyp
Veho logotyp
Veridict logotyp
Via logotyp
Vianova logotyp
Viscando logotyp
Voi logotyp
Volkswagen group logotyp
Volvo logotyp
Volvo on demand logotyp
Vonage logotyp
VR Sverige logotyp
vti logotyp
Vy logotyp
Västtrafik logotyp
WirelessCar logotyp
Wsp logotyp
Xense vision logotyp
Xtelligent logotyp
Yunex traffic logotyp
Zeekr logotyp
Zeelo logotyp
Zenseact logotyp

Associated partners

2030 sekretariatet
Barkarby Science
Bercman technologies
Book my Ride
Bouvier Sverige AB logotyp
GoGi Leads
Lvls Group
MontLibre Holding
Robot minds
SAE Europe
SAMS Norway
Silicon Valley Mobility
Stream Analyze
Urban robotics foundation
Viridis solutions


Drive Sweden is financed by

Vinnova, svenska energimyndigheten och formas stödjer drive sweden