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A new approach to mobility

It's not all about driverless vehicles. This is a completely new approach to mobility. We are on the threshold of a radical shift, and it's happening fast. In just a few years the world will change. We will see entirely new mobility business models enabling sustainable cities.

  • Video
    30 September 2015
    This video animation was originally created by the Drive Me project in order to build awareness among the general public about what the future will bring in terms of automated cars. It was recently updated and has now been approved by Drive Sweden’s board as a visualization of our common vision for Drive Sweden.


  • Sofie Vennersten
    Programme Manager
  • Jan Hellåker
  • Anna Hafström Kováts
    Press Contact
  • Sofia Löfstrand
    Project Manager
  • Olof Nordangård
    Olof Nordangård
    Communications Officer
  • Josephine Darlington
    Project Coordinator

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