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Thematic areas

Drive Sweden has five thematic areas

Drive Sweden´s work is divided into five thematic areas. The structure is based on the different components that need to be addressed in the transformation of the transport and mobility system. The thematic areas also create the conditions for collaboration between partners and facilitate the identification of needs and challenges that must be solved by collaboration.

Illustration av samhällsfunktioner i en tänkt stadsmiljö. Illustration: Göteborgs stad.

Spatial planning

Digitalisation and automated transport systems can create value for societies. And we need spatial planning processes that enable the development and upscaling of the mobility of the future. In our...
En av Drive Swedens pusselbitar, med texten Affärsmodeller, uppsatt på en whiteboard med anteckningar.

Business models

New and more sustainable technology in mobility and transport services creates business opportunities. At the same time, business models and the economy's ecosystem have been identified as bottlenecks...
Data från trafik i Stockholm som visas i Innovation Cloud. Ett exempel på arbete med digital infrastruktur inom Drive Sweden.

Digital infrastructure

As the transport sector is transforming into being more connected, automated, electric and service oriented – there is a global race to quickly develop products and services to meet new needs and...

Public engagement

Public engagement in future mobility solutions has been identified as a priority for governments, industry and other stakeholders in order to reap the expected societal and business benefits linked to...
Fyra personer samarbetar vid bord

Policy development

New innovation risk to not be used or to be delayed due to old regulations. New digital mobility solutions are pushing all kinds of legal systems to change, adapt, clarify and make new definitions...