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Thematic areas

Drive Sweden temaområden

Drive Sweden´s work is divided into five thematic areas. The structure is based on the different components that need to be addressed in the transformation of the transport and mobility system.

Business models

New and more sustainable technologies within mobility and transport services create business opportunities. At the same time, business models and the business ecosystem have been identified as bottlenecks for the growth of new services as the value chain will change. In both people and goods transport we expect new and changed roles, a shift in how value is captured and created and new types of public-private business relationships. That is why we focus on business models.

Public engagement

The public’s acceptance, input, experiences are crucial for new mobility services and means of transport to be as useful and profitable as possible. Drive Sweden’s work with public engagement has emerged from previous projects on public acceptance and human-centric collaborative innovation methods and we take the lessons learnt into new work in the field.
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Spatial planning

Digitalisation and automated transport systems can create value for societies. And we need spatial planning processes that enable the development and upscaling of the mobility of the future. In our push against rethinking and reaching new visions for mobility we are working for a deeper connection between public and private stakeholders.
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Digital infrastructure

As the transport sector is transforming into being more connected, automated, electric and service oriented – there is a global race to quickly develop products and services to meet new needs and markets. Drive Sweden has been working with this for a long time and keeps staying at the forefront of this development.
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Policy development

New innovation risk to not be used or to be delayed due to old regulations. New digital mobility solutions are pushing all kinds of legal systems to change, adapt, clarify and make new definitions. Therefore, Drive Sweden aims to be a platform for stakeholder collaboration around the development of policies and regulations for new cooperative, connected and automated mobility solutions.