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Vision and goal

Drive Sweden's vision is that Sweden takes a leading role in leveraging digital technology to shape a more sustainable transportation system.

landskap ses genom glasrutor

Continuing, our vision is also that:

* Digital technologies are applied to optimize the utilization of vehicles and infrastructure.
* Access to sustainable mobility is improved for both people and goods.
* Environmental performance and traffic safety is improved at the system level, thanks to digital technology and services.
* Swedish automotive and ICT industries remain strong and competitive.
* The mobility service market has been expanded with new types of actors.

The purpose of the vision is to contribute to a more sustainable society and to make a strong contribution to the transport policy goals. To make this a reality, cross sectoral collaboration is crucial between business, society and academia, and Drive Sweden has become a well established ecosystem with about 200 partners and in addition a large number of project partners who together contribute to reaching Drive Sweden's vision and goals.

Work within Drive Sweden aligns with our program logic, which you can below.

Program logic

As one of Sweden's seventeen Strategic Innovation Programs our task is to collaborate in areas that are strategically important for Sweden. The program shall contribute to create sustainable solutions to global societal challenges and increased international competitiveness. In order to achieve the greatest possible effect, our program logic guides us along the way, giving us keys for our vision to become a reality.

Drive Sweden is operating with funding from Vinnova, The Swedish Energy Agency and Formas

Drive Swedens programlogik

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