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Every year, Drive Sweden, through Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas, co-finances around twenty projects with one or more parties. The results are discussed at our annual Drive Sweden Forum and in different types of program activities such as workshops and knowledge seminars. Read more about our projects below.

How to create a project

Bild som visar en asfalterad nedförsbacke där en person åker sparkcykel

Cooperation on mobility for municipalities

Within the framework of the project called "Cooperation on mobility for municipalities", the ambition is to create a prototype for a network where representatives from municipalities meet in digital...
En person som cyklar förbi en bil.


In most new residential areas today, a so-called mobility house is planned where various mobility services and the possibility of parking are to be offered. But it is often a challenge to make the...
man håller föredrag med en powerpoint framför en publik,

Network Shared E-scooters

New mobility services can contribute to the transition to a climate-smart society, but require adaptations and new standards.
Ciklo swap station. Foto: Ciklo

CoMiMo – Connected Micro Mobility

CoMiMo - Connected Micro Mobility - is based on a system solution that removes the obstacles that exist today for connected, efficient and safe micromobility. The project creates collaboration and...
Ett eldrivet mindre fordon för citylogistik. Foto: Ragn-Sells.

Urban Logistics Barkarby

What might a sustainable flow of products and goods to and from the city look like in the future? How do we use city spaces in an optimal way? What kind of vehicles should we use and how can the city...
Text saying AI Aware over an animation of Gothenburg.


The aim of the project is to create a safer traffic environment by reading, understanding and predicting events in a traffic system. The project builds on and scales up the results of the Drive Sweden...
En SL-buss på en väg vid vinterväglag. Foto: SL.

Shared road data for reliable bus traffic

This project includes a system and technology demonstration, which, through a connected transport system, aims to contribute to sustainable public transport thanks to the availability of reliable and...
Ett parkeringsgarage och en bil. Photo: Emiliano Vittoriosi on Unsplash. Better use of space: a digital marketplace for early-stage parking purchases

Parkcess is a digital tool, a marketplace, where buyers and sellers of access to parking spaces during the detailed planning and building permit stage can meet and share parking capacity.
Liseberg i Göteborg. Foto: Göteborg & Co.

REDIG: Regional Logistic Hubs in Gothenburg

REDIG intends to lay the foundations for a new, open and fossil-free logistics system for the event route in Gothenburg. The project is also part of the Gothenburg Green City Zone. In this preliminary...
Arbetsprocess på en whiteboard. Foto: UX Indonesia on Unsplash

Preparation project Testbed AV Trollhättan

In a nine-month project, the City of Trollhättan, together with NEVS and AstaZero, is investigating how the process for testing autonomous vehicles on public roads can be made more efficient.
Två självkörande fordon i stadsmiljöer. Foto: NEVS/CEVT.

Roadmap for sustainable mobility solutions based on autonomous driving in a complex city environment

The project (also called Autonomous Mobility Roadmap) has investigated, defined and inventored the conditions for autonomous mobility. Among other things, it has examined what prerequisites are needed...
An autonomous vehicle from NEVS in an illustrated city. Photo: NEVS.

BASE - Brunnshög Automated Sustainable Electromobility

BASE's goal is to promote sustainable urban development with reduced urban driving, by preparing for a shared autonomous mobility service that integrates with existing public transport.
En person skriver på en genomskinlig whiteboard. Foto: Kvalifik on Unsplash.

Create a project

To create collaborations through innovative projects is central to Drive Sweden. Our projects enable actors from business, public sector, academia and institutes to innovate with an impact. Project applications need to harmonize with and add to our goals and program logic.

Open calls

Drive Sweden has a new open call. Read more here!