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Every year, Drive Sweden, through Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas, co-finances around twenty projects with one or more parties. The results are discussed at our annual Drive Sweden Forum and in different types of program activities such as workshops and knowledge seminars. Read more about our projects below.

Foto som visar en edn person som joggar längs havet och en levernasrobot som står på en asfalterad väg som ansluter till joggingspåret

Helsingbotica Community Robot

The project aims to contribute to the development of future vehicles by conducting tests of autonomous delivery robots in the city of Helsingborg. The primary deliverable from the project will be the...
Foto som visar EU-flaggan och svenska flaggan

CCAM Sweden

CCAM Sweden aims to gather and engage Swedish and Nordic stakeholders in the field of connected, cooperative and automated mobility (CCAM). The goal is to better understand the needs for service...
Foto som visar en trottoar med två tydliga skuggor av två cyklister

Shared micromobility & public transport - user perspective

This project aims to complement existing knowledge regarding the user perspective on the integration and complementarity of shared micromobility services and public transport.
Bild som visar en skiss av ett vägnät med flera taxibilar som befinner sig på olika platser. I bakgrunden står det TAXI som anspelar på projektnamnet som är Via-Taxi

ZeZo Score – the future tool for safer urban mobility

VIA-Taxi is a triple helix innovation project focusing on improving traffic safety through new cloud-based digital technology. Data collection, analysis, quality assurance, and proactive traffic...
En person som håller i sin cykel och samtidigt tittar på sin mobiltelefon

Mobility Wallet

The idea of ​​creating a way to subsidize, pay and share access to mobility services has been developed in several previous innovation projects and most of the solutions and business models already...
Ikoner som symboliserar  buss, taxi, fotgängare, cyklist och taxi

Identifying mode of transport for partial trips - when analyzing movement using mobile network data

This project intends to carry out two pilot projects to achieve an automated and general/scalable vehicle identification model - also for partial journeys. Purpose is, among other things, to be able...

Citizen Driven Mobility Services - MeMo

This preliminary study explores how mobility hubs and surrounding mobility services can be designed to support socially sustainable shared mobility and transportation. This is done by establishing...
Profilfoto - Business Model lab

Drive Sweden Business Model Lab 2023-2024

The purpose of the Drive Sweden Business Model Lab project is to support Drive Sweden's work to tackle sustainability challenges that society and business are facing by accelerating the implementation...
Projektfoto - Nätverket för mikromobiliet

Network Shared E-scooters - phase 2

New mobility services can contribute to the transition to a climate smart society, but require adaptations and new standards. The project is now moving forward and continues to collaborate with...
Man pekar på digitala ikoner av kartor, stoppljus, fordon

Analysis of the delayed Roll-out of Fully Autonomous Vehicles

Despite having been on the agenda for a long time and ambitious announcements from industry heavyweights, the widespread deployment of automated driving (AD) technology has still not happened yet. So...
Projekt- älgbilden

ITS measures in vehicles and infrastructure as a solution for reduced wildlife accidents

The projects goal is to identify measures with the greatest potential to reduce the number of wildlife accidents. Both Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), measures in the infrastructure and driver...
Digitala verktyg för hållbar planering och hantering av delad mikromobilitet med hjälp av Big Data

Digital solutions for sustainable planning and management of shared micromobility using Big Data

This project establishes a complementary and interdisciplinary team to collectively propose big data assessment methods, conduct empirical analysis, and develop effective SMS management instruments...
Digital Proving Ground - Digitala testbanan

Digital Proving Ground

The project provides Drive Sweden and its members with digitized testing opportunities for new connected, automated and shared mobility services. This is achieved through integration between cloud...
Foto som visar personer på cykel och Segways

MicroVision - Development, Testing, and Demonstration of a Real-Time Support System for Electric Vehicle Riders

The project's goal is to leverage recent algorithmic advances to improve road safety in relation to micro-mobility. We aim to develop a low-cost, camera-based safety system that offers real-time...
Kvällsbild på elsparkcyklar som är parkerade

MIDIS - MIcromobility Data needs and Information Sharing

The project aims at the still unused potential in Swedish cities for (1) increasing the share and safe usage of such alternative modes of transport, by (2) increasing the effective usage and sharing...
Animerad bild av en robot som hämtar sopor

Waste Management by Robots

Using robots for waste collection is a new and innovative approach that can eliminate some of the negative effects of traditional garbage collection methods. By using robots to collect waste bins from...
Car in front of trees

Modern car rental regulations for increased car sharing

The project aims to modernize the car rental regulations together with a wide range of relevant actors to improve accessibility to shared cars even in places where they are completely lacking today.
Foto på litet släpfordon, som en minilastbil

CycleSense - Harnessing Data for Efficient and Sustainable Last-Mile Deliveries

The CycleSense project is grounded in the understanding that future transport-efficient cities will require customized transport vehicles and systems, and that electric cargo bikes have the potential...
Projektbild- elmopeder i hub

Road Traffic Safety for Electric Microvehicles (VIASAFETY)

The project will study how traffic safety in connection with the use of small vehicles, for example electric scooters, various types of cargo bikes, bicycles, electric mopeds, at low speed on the road...
Bild med ett ungt par som håller i varsin elsparkcykel och står på en mindre stadsgata

Modular and scalable mobility hub with charging for shared micromobility

The goal of the project is to develop and test a scalable and modular mobility hub that supports charging of shared electric scooters. The purpose is to promote sustainable mobility and reduce...
Lastbil kör in från sidan, bil kör mot kameranoch en människa går längs med lastbilen

Network Automated Driving Regulations

International and EU regulations for automated driving are in the middle of a jump. There will be extensive regulatory activities during the project period 2023-2025. Therefore, it is a perfect...
Superhjälptekvinna bredvid skylt där det står parkyria

Parkcess part II - Parkyria

The project will further research on PARKYRIA´s potential to make resource use more efficient in the early stages of urban development.

HelsingBotica - Prestudy on Data Sharing for Improved Micromobility and Delivery Robots

The HelsingBotica project is a prestudy that explores data sharing for improved micromobility and delivery robots in the city of Helsingborg. The project aims to create learnings for an innovative and...
Bygga grunden - Skellefteåprojekt

Skellefteå Public Mobility - Building the foundation

In order to manage with the transition to sustainable travel, public transport needs to be connected to other types of sustainable mobility solutions - integrated mobility.
Drive Sweden Policy Lab presenteras av Kent Eric Lång under Drive Sweden Forum 220908.

Independent examiner in trials with automated vehicles

Drive Sweden Policy Lab (DSPL) is a platform for joint policy development with actors from business, authorities and research that enables smart mobility. In this case, DSPL Case 6, the purpose is to...
Bild på byggarbetsplats vid småhus

The importance of digitalization in order to increase the circular flows of building materials

The project "Resource-efficient circular flows of construction materials supported by efficient data sharing" is about preparing tests of digititalization to minimize transportation of construction...
Bilar köar på motorvägen i mörkret

Service shuttle

Our hypothesis has been that purchased travel services by taxi instead of company vehicles have a number of advantages -economically, ecologically and socially in a municipality. In this prestudy, we...
Stadsbild där människor sitter på uteserveringar

ProMo - Proof of Concept for MaaS in Science Village

The purpose of the ProMo project is to address key factors and create a Proof of Concept for shared mobility. The project is based on a larger urban development project - Science Village at Brunnshög...
Härnösand och dess ytterekanter. Photo by Peter van der Meulen on Unsplash.

Commuting - behavioral change with digital support

The project aims to promote mobility services adapted for commuting between the city center and the countryside. Some may be digital carpooling services, another work commuting as a coordination...
En person som cyklar förbi en bil.


In most new residential areas today, a so-called mobility house is planned where various mobility services and the possibility of parking are to be offered. But it is often a challenge to make the...
Förklaring av multi dataset

New technology for evaluating the security effects of new infrastructure

This project is expected to help the City of Helsingborg and RISE understand how they can use data and new technologies to increase safety on Helsingborg's roads and make better infrastructure...
Projekt Hållbar mobilitet som en förmån

Sustainable mobility as a work benefit

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is an important part to put in place to enable sustainable travelling. With this feasibility study, we want to sift through new business models, technical solutions and...
Hobbyflygplan står på snötäckt mark, personer har samlats runt det

Planning for future infrastructure at mobility hubs in cold climate

The project created knowledge and develop processes that enabled rural areas close to urban areas to be provided with future-proof mobilityhubs that increased accessibility to local services and...
Elbuss kör under en br. Trottoar vid sidan med gröna träd utefter den

Voluntary industry agreement for the bus industry on geofencing

Can a shared and stated vision over technology change the industry standard for road safety and speed enforcement?
Workshopbild - projektboxroadmapper

Prestudy: Roadmapp – a tool for goal-directed climate-smart mobility measures

The purpose of the project has been to verify the need for IT support for target management of climate-smart mobility measures in municipal roadmaps towards climate neutrality in 2030.
man håller föredrag med en powerpoint framför en publik,

Network Shared E-scooters

New mobility services can contribute to the transition to a climate-smart society, but require adaptations and new standards.
Ciklo swap station. Foto: Ciklo

CoMiMo – Connected Micro Mobility

CoMiMo - Connected Micro Mobility - is based on a system solution that removes the obstacles that exist today for connected, efficient and safe micromobility. The project creates collaboration and...
Ett eldrivet mindre fordon för citylogistik. Foto: Ragn-Sells.

Urban Logistics Barkarby

What might a sustainable flow of products and goods to and from the city look like in the future? How do we use city spaces in an optimal way? What kind of vehicles should we use and how can the city...
Bild som visar en asfalterad nedförsbacke där en person åker sparkcykel

Cooperation on mobility for municipalities

Within the framework of the project called "Cooperation on mobility for municipalities", the ambition is to create a prototype for a network where representatives from municipalities meet in digital...
Text saying AI Aware over an animation of Gothenburg.


The aim of the project is to create a safer traffic environment by reading, understanding and predicting events in a traffic system. The project builds on and scales up the results of the Drive Sweden...