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Every year, Drive Sweden, through Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas, co-finances around twenty projects with one or more parties. The results are discussed at our annual Drive Sweden Forum and in different types of program activities such as workshops and knowledge seminars. Read more about our projects below.

How to create a project

Digitala verktyg för hållbar planering och hantering av delad mikromobilitet med hjälp av Big Data

Digital solutions for sustainable planning and management of shared micromobility using Big Data

This project establishes a complementary and interdisciplinary team to collectively propose big data assessment methods, conduct empirical analysis, and develop effective SMS management instruments...
Digital Proving Ground - Digitala testbanan

Digital Proving Ground

The project provides Drive Sweden and its members with digitized testing opportunities for new connected, automated and shared mobility services. This is achieved through integration between the Drive...
Foto som visar personer på cykel och Segways

MicroVision - Development, Testing, and Demonstration of a Real-Time Support System for Electric Vehicle Riders

The project's goal is to leverage recent algorithmic advances to improve road safety in relation to micro-mobility. We aim to develop a low-cost, camera-based safety system that offers real-time...
Kvällsbild på elsparkcyklar som är parkerade

MIDIS - MIcromobility Data needs and Information Sharing

The project aims at the still unused potential in Swedish cities for (1) increasing the share and safe usage of such alternative modes of transport, by (2) increasing the effective usage and sharing...
Animerad bild av en robot som hämtar sopor

Waste Management by Robots

Using robots for waste collection is a new and innovative approach that can eliminate some of the negative effects of traditional garbage collection methods. By using robots to collect waste bins from...
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Modern car rental regulations for increased car sharing

The project aims to modernize the car rental regulations together with a wide range of relevant actors to improve accessibility to shared cars even in places where they are completely lacking today.
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CycleSense - Harnessing Data for Efficient and Sustainable Last-Mile Deliveries

The CycleSense project is grounded in the understanding that future transport-efficient cities will require customized transport vehicles and systems, and that electric cargo bikes have the potential...
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Road Traffic Safety for Electric Microvehicles (VIASAFETY)

The project will study how traffic safety in connection with the use of small vehicles, for example electric scooters, various types of cargo bikes, bicycles, electric mopeds, at low speed on the road...
Bild med ett ungt par som håller i varsin elsparkcykel och står på en mindre stadsgata

Modular and scalable mobility hub with charging for shared micromobility

The goal of the project is to develop and test a scalable and modular mobility hub that supports charging of shared electric scooters. The purpose is to promote sustainable mobility and reduce...
Lastbil kör in från sidan, bil kör mot kameranoch en människa går längs med lastbilen

Network Automated Driving Regulations

International and EU regulations for automated driving are in the middle of a jump. There will be extensive regulatory activities during the project period 20232025. Therefore, it is a perfect...
Superhjälptekvinna bredvid skylt där det står parkyria

Parkcess part II - Parkyria

The project will further research on PARKYRIA´s potential to make resource use more efficient in the early stages of urban development.

HelsingBotica - Prestudy on Data Sharing for Improved Micromobility and Delivery Robots

The project aims to contribute to the development of infrastructure for future vehicles by enhancing capabilities for data sharing between micromobility and the city.
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Create a project

To create collaborations through innovative projects is central to Drive Sweden. Our projects enable actors from business, public sector, academia and institutes to innovate with an impact. Project applications need to harmonize with and add to our goals and program logic.
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Open calls

The call "Safe and sustainable use of small vehicles using digital technology" closed May 3. Here is an informational film, presentation and formalities surrounding the announcement, as well as which seven projects were granted funding.