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Digital infrastructure

Data från trafik i Stockholm som visas i Innovation Cloud. Ett exempel på arbete med digital infrastruktur inom Drive Sweden.

As the transport sector is transforming into being more connected, automated, electric and service oriented – there is a global race to quickly develop products and services to meet new needs and markets. Drive Sweden has been working with this for a long time and keeps staying at the forefront of this development.

The core of this theme is that automated vehicles and new mobility services will benefit heavily from being connected and managed on a system level, rather than having “autonomous” vehicles and services independently trying to operate mainly based on local sensors and local intelligence. This approach was adopted early by Drive Sweden, by developing and piloting connected cloud services to support automated mobility.

Going forward, we continue building connected services and connected cooperation supporting leading services within automated mobility, with a lot of focus on four key areas:

  • Connected Digital Infrastructure
  • Digital twin
  • AI and Automation
  • Internationalization

By developing and activating our network and innovations, such as among other things our Innovation cloud, we can offer a comprehensive approach to a rapidly developing area. You can find the Innovation cloud below.

In the video below you can see a glimpse of what our Innovation Cloud has produced during its first years. The work behind it has been massive but it has also delivered new cooperations, opportunities and innovation.

AI & Mobility

Drive Sweden has developed an AI strategy, where the focus is on challenges linked to mobility for both people and goods, where advanced data analysis or AI can be an enabler to solve these challenges. The screening focused on Drive Sweden's partners' needs and interests in areas where sustainable, safe mobility and AI meet.