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Nyhetsbrev-what about the roads

Smart vehicles – but what about the roads?

Aligning the introduction of high-tech features that facilitate interaction between cars, roads, and surrounding infrastructure continues to pose challenges. We’re taking a look at what’s happening...
DS-nyhetsbrev - kliv ut ur bilen!

Getting people out of their cars

Should we make massive investments in regular public transportation, deploy thousands of on-demand driverless shuttles, or place our bets on increased usage of shared cars and scooters? We’re...

News and highlights from Smart Expo in Barcelona

Head of the Board Peter Eriksson och Program Director Malin Andersson joined the Smart City Expo world congress in Barcelona, together with the Nordic delegation. However a bit overwhelmed by the...

The projects - the source that makes Drive Sweden into a knowledge node

Every year, Drive Sweden co-finances around twenty projects. The project results contribute to building new knowledge, insights and solutions and open up collaborations that contribute to increase the...

Delivery robots - a part of tomorrow's cities?

The Helsingbotica project is a pre-study project, investigating both how to use delivery robots in Helsingborg, and finding new ways of collecting and sharing data on the walking and bicycling network...
Cyklar i New York

From Redesigning Streets to Building Utopian Cities

Around the world, efforts are underway to transition into more sustainable urban mobility, primarily by reducing the number of private cars. One way to achieve this is by revising city policies...
Bild på personer som kliver ombord i en robotaxi

Ups and downs in the world of autonomous vehicles

The world of self-driving vehicles continues to offer its stakeholders a cocktail of good and bad news, often because of – or thanks to – the regulation framework. Read more about what is happening...
AI analys av trafik

Predictive Traffic Safety from AI AWARE Accelerates in the US

Connected solutions for increased traffic safety have been a recurring theme during Drive Sweden's first seven years. Through the project series AD AWARE, a variety of different solutions have been...
En person på elscooter och en på elcykel i en stadspark

Mixed signals about the micromobility industry

It has been less than a month since the city of Paris’ implemented a ban of electric scooters owned by micro-mobility operators, which took place on September 1. So far, there haven't been many...
Bild på självkörande lastbil

Keep On Truckin'

In the otherwise tech-friendly California the state's Senate recently passed a bill that effectively would ban driverless heavy trucks in the state, unless they carry a trained human safety operator...

Watch films and presentations from Forum!

The event included 18 project presentations, keynote speaker Olaf Sakkers who talked about mobility marketplaces in emerging markets and a deep-dive session on shared mobility and 20 exhibitors. Now...
Blippa kort på bussen

Ticket to ride – or not?

Germany’s nationwide launch of a ticket that provides unlimited national travel on all city buses, subways and trams in every municipality for only €49 per month seems to be paying off.

Ta del av vad som händer

Anmäl dig till vårt nyhetsbrev!

A blurry picture of a city and traffic at night.
Personer använder sig av hyrcyklar, elsparkcykel och kollektivtrafik.

Open calls

The call "Safe and sustainable use of small vehicles using digital technology" closed May 3. Here is an informational film, presentation and formalities surrounding the announcement, as well as which seven projects were granted funding.