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Ban for Light-duty Autonomous Vehicles and Green Light for Autonomous Trucks?

In California there are two new proposals on autonomous vehicles. While in San Francisco transportation officials want to slow the expansion of robotaxis by Waymo and Cruise, due to safety concerns...
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Highly Automated Parking system is being implemented in Germany

After the use of highly automated parking in the P6 garage at Germany’s Stuttgart Airport has been approved, APCOA and BOSCH are setting up Automated and Driverless Valet Parking (ADVP) in 15...
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Do Lines and Signs Make Roads Safe?

Raising and old debate a recent article asks whether traffic control regulations really make roads safer for vulnerable road users. Quite simply, it’s complicated.
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How Will US Eliminate All Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2050?

Several U.S. agencies have recently published a blueprint for decarbonizing the U.S. transport sector. In order to address the climate crises, we must eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from the...
Different small vehicles and micromobility in Gothenburg.

New open call on safe and sustainable use of small vehicles now open

Our new open call is now open! Via the open call, you can apply for funding for projects that explore how small vehicles can be used to a greater extent, more efficiently and safer.
Malin Andersson, Erik Almlöf, Rodrigue Al Fahel och Sara Bergendorff during the event on Jan 17 2023.

VIDEO: Self-driving vehicles' impact on the transport system

How would a large-scale implementation of self-driving technology affect Stockholm’s transportation system? What positive impact would it have and how would it affect public transport? This has been...
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Does Reducing Parking Spaces Cut Car Usage?

Cities in the US start rethinking the requirements for developers to build new parking lots. To fight high housing prices and climate change, the cities are getting rid of parking space minimums.
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Vehicles at CES 2023

CES 2023 saw a return to normal for the world’s largest tech conference and an impressive display of vehicle tech, which accounted for about 20% of the entire show and included 275 transport related...
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Holiday Recap

The Smart Mobility newsletter is starting up again. In a slight departure from our regular structure this edition is a series of short summaries of the various news that happened over the holidays...
Sara Bergendorff och Petra Wermström. Foto på Wermström: Transportstyrelsen.

Two new board members

We would like to welcome two new members to the Drive Sweden board: Sara Bergendorff from City of Stockholm and Petra Wermström from the Swedish Transport Agency. We are looking forward to working...
Drive Swedens nya partners.

28 new Drive Sweden partners and a strong interest for our initiatives

During 2022 our network continued to grow and the interest for our events reached new heights. 28 new organizations from seven different countries joined as partners and 2 650 people signed up for our...
Jenny Lundahl under Drive Sweden Policy Labs event om Framtidens trafikregler den 16 dec 2022.

VIDEO: Traffic rules for the future

On December 16, Drive Sweden Policy Lab project Traffic rules for the future shared results and insights as the project has come to an end. The project, run by RISE within the Drive Sweden Policy Lab...

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A blurry picture of a city and traffic at night.

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Drive Sweden has a new open call. Read more here!