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Friday, February 9, 2024

The first Drive Sweden Forum of 2024 was held online on February 8 with nine project presentations, diving into the topics of next generation public transport, traffic safety and connected and automated vehicles. The links below will take you to the project pages where the recordings of the presentations can be found. See also keynote speakers Prachi J. Vakharia from Womanium in the US and Kai Kristoffersen from Norwegian Vy.

Keynote: Kai Kristoffersen, Vy – Autonomous vehicles in Stavanger

During the fall of 2023 Norway drew a lot of attention with the tests with self-driving buses taking place in Stavanger. Kai Kristoffersen from Vy talks about the development and shares his vision of the future. 

Project presentations: Next generation public transport

Martin Güll, Lunds kommun & Jan Jansson, Keolis: BASE - Brunnshög Automated Sustainable Electromobility

Sara Boije af Gennäs, Trivector & Susanna Ideberg, Science Village Scandinavia: ProMo - Proof of Concept for MaaS in Science Village

Jonas Järnfeldt, The Train Brain & Marie Larsson, Skellefteå Buss: Skellefteå Public Mobility - Building the foundation


Project presentations: Increasing traffic safety

Johan Amoruso Wennerby, Volvo Cars: AI AWARE Scale Up

Ellen Grumert, VTI: ITS measures in vehicles and infrastructure as a solution for reduced wildlife accidents

Ulrika Holmgren, CLOSER & Malin Levin, SAFER: AI Enhanced Mobility


Project presentations: Connected and automated vehicles

Magnus Fransson, Sustainable Innovation. Urban Logistik Barkarby

Daniel Rudmark, VTI: HelsingBotica - Prestudy on Data Sharing for Improved Micromobility and Delivery Robots

Cilli Sobiech, VTI & Kristina Andersson, RISE: Drive Sweden Policy Lab Case 6: Independent examiner in trials with automated vehicles


Keynote: Prachi J. Vakharia, Womanium – US outlook: Innovation in transportation

Prachi J. Vakharia brings a uniquely extensive background in transportation, having held leading positions in private, academic, and government organizations. As a co-founder of Womanium, she will represent the organization at the Drive Sweden Forum, speaking about innovation in transportation from a US perspective.