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HelsingBotica - Prestudy on Data Sharing for Improved Micromobility and Delivery Robots

The HelsingBotica project is a prestudy that explores data sharing for improved micromobility and delivery robots in the city of Helsingborg. The project aims to create learnings for an innovative and pilot project through data collection and exchange between the project's parties.


Delivery robots are an important part of the future logistic system in cities, but there is a need to explore their more precise role and what requirements it makes. The HelsingBotica project aims to produce data that can provide insights that can contribute to a better environment for micromobility vehicles and pedestrians, such as road surface condition and signage information. In addition, the project can identify any insufficient or missing infrastructure for the vehicles of the future, such as delivery robots. In this pre study, the following activities are therefore carried out:

  • Examination of pedestrian and cycle paths
    - By equipping bicycles and other vehicles moving on pedestrian and cycle paths with a camera unit for data collection, the project can investigate how road damage and other objects in the road space affect the performance of micromobility vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Analysis of road data
    - By analyzing data on road surface and signage, the project can identify any missing infrastructure for the vehicles of the future, such as delivery robots.
  • Development of digital regulations
    - The project examines what is legally possible and how rules can be expressed through the data standard MDS. This work package can contribute to creating more sustainable and efficient logistics in cities.
  • Workshops on use cases where the delivery robot can contribute to more sustainable and efficient logistics in cities.
    - By bringing together several different administrations to investigate possibilities, the project can produce five to six different use cases which are then analyzed by the working group.

The main deliverable for the prestudy project is a relevant and reality-based project application for an upcoming pilot test.

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Project Period
May 2023 - December 2023

Daniel Rudmark,

The City of HelsingborgUnivrses ABHugo Delivery ABStatens väg- och transportforskningsinstitut (VTI)

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