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Skellefteå Public Mobility - Building the foundation

In order to manage with the transition to sustainable travel, public transport needs to be connected to other types of sustainable mobility solutions - integrated mobility.

Bygga grunden - Skellefteåprojekt

In a place like Skellefteå, this means that public transport becomes the backbone and the complementary modes of transport can carpools, bicycles and other micromobility solutions.

This project is a preparatory work for an upcoming large-scale test. In this first step, we will create the technical conditions that will be needed on the journey towards integrated mobility - where data becomes the glue that binds the whole together. It is about making available and structuring (1) data on demand for mobility and use of passenger transport and (2) data relating to supply of mobility and transport efficiency.

When the project is finished, we will have tested a data hub where we collect and make data available so that we can start refining large the data needed to orchestrate the city´s mobility. We will also work on how the solution can be scaled by understanding business models and architecture when the concept is integrated with the data infrastructure of public transport and the relevant authorities.

This project´s perspective is that behavioral change towards sustainable travel is driven by two factors. The primary driving force is emotions integrated mobility must feel attractive to the individual. The secondary is the wallet integrated mobility must be financially justified by the individual.

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Project period
May 2023 - December 2023

Jonas Medin,

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