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BASE - Brunnshög Automated Sustainable Electromobility

BASE's goal is to promote sustainable urban development with reduced urban driving, by preparing for a shared autonomous mobility service that integrates with existing public transport.

An autonomous vehicle from NEVS in an illustrated city. Photo: NEVS.

At Brunnshög a smarter and more sustainable future is created around the people who will live and work there. It will be a world-leading living, innovation and research environment. A European model for sustainable urban development allowing life and movement where autonomous and shared mobility services for people and goods are natural and integrated. I Brunnshög you meet the future. The project´s objective is to establish autonomous and shared vehicles that show how combined mobility change habitual behaviors, reduce private driving and promote sustainable urban development.

Expected results and effects

The project establishes proven business models connecting transport solutions supported by a modern digital infrastructure and vehicles with high comfort, robustness and personal integrity. The project explores and implements innovative solutions for charging infrastructure and power balancing, and inspires further collaboration around autonomous and shared transport solutions. A feasibility study is carried out with the aim of planning for a step-by-step establishment, ensuring implementation and establishing a collaboration platform for involved stakeholders.

Planned approach and implementation

Data collection and analysis: Prerequisites and objective, Mobility needs, Technical solutions and degree of maturity, Legal issues. Conclude: Definition of Brunnshögs´s future mobility landscape. Document: Apply for support/funding for the implementation of Brunnshög´s mobility ecosystem. Make recommendations for systematic changes.

Take part in the project's final documentation

August 2022 - November 2023

Martin Güll, the municipality of Lund

KeolisLunds kommun, Lunds UniversitetNEVSRuterVy buss,

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