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AI Enhanced Mobility

AI Enhanced Mobility aims to build knowledge, experience and new collaborations within AI application for sustainable mobility systems. The project is a catalyst for applying AI in the field of mobility and deepening collaboration between actors within AI and mobility. The vision is that Sweden takes a leading role in the development of a future mobility system for people and goods that is sustainable, safe and accessible to everyone.

AI Driven Mobility's first phase highligted the great potential Artificial Intelligence (AI) has to improve the efficiency and societal benefit of the mobility system. AI is a driving technology for innovation, growth, and social change, and in the long run AI will change the mobility and transport system as well as society in general.

AI has already made an impression in many areas, the technology is ready for concrete applications and now it is all about getting started. The vision is that Sweden takes a leading role in the development of a future mobility system for people and goods that is sustainable, safe and accessible to everyone. In order to succeed, completely new collaborations between AI and mobility experts and increased AI knowledge in the field of mobility are required.

AI Enhanced Mobility is a catalyst to accelerate the development of AI solutions in the field of mobility. The project creates new collaborations and projects, increases AI knowledge in the mobility area and creates synergies with existing initiatives and resources. The project is based on active participation from all parties, a needs-driven approach and cross-linking of AI and mobility competencies.

This is how the project works

The majority of the investment is carried out in focus groups where mobility actors and AI experts gather to jointly create project ideas and build knowledge. The project finances a number of feasibility studies that will lead to full-scale projects in the area.

AI Enhanced Mobility is a strategic and in-depth collaboration between AI Sweden, Drive Sweden, SAFER and CLOSER. By bringing together strong networks and knowledge nodes within AI, Mobility, Traffic Safety and Freight Transport, the conditions are created for competence in the mobility area and the AI area to be cross-linked and for domain knowledge to be interconnected. The collaboration also enables completely new collaborations and contacts to be made possible, both nationally and internationally.

After the end of the project period, the project must have:

  • Generated relevant AI projects
  • Developed a long-term plan for the future including financing, actors etc.
  • Expanded and built further network of organizations from the AI and mobility field, such as representing the private sector, academia and the public sector
  • Created increased knowledge and awareness of AI and its potential for the mobility sector
  • Conducted structured monitoring of the environment and linked up with relevant actors in order to
  • Created synergies

Take part in the project's final documentation

The first video captures the hole final conference. 
The second video is a short presentation of the AI Enhanced Mobility project. 

The full final conference

Shorter version shown at Drive Sweden Forum 2024

Time period
June 2022 - December 2023

Ulrika Holmgren, CLOSER

Asymptotic, Chalmers Tekniska Högskola, CEVT (China-Euro Vehicle Technology), Conzens, Embedl, Halmstad University, Iboxen Infrastruktur Sverige, Institute of Transport Economics (TÖY), Jönköpings kommun Stadsbyggnadskontoret, Lindholmen Science Park, Linköping Universitet, Lund University, Malmeken, Malmö Universitet, Region Jönköping, Region Örebro, RISE, Schenker, Smart Eye, SSPA, Svanberg och Svanberg, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket), Technolution AB, Tekniska Högskolan i Jönköping, The Train Brain, Universes, University of Borås, University of Skövde, Viscando, Voi Technology, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group, WSP, Västtrafik, Zenseact, ÅF Digital Solutions AB, Örebro University

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