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The aim of the project is to create a safer traffic environment by reading, understanding and predicting events in a traffic system. The project builds on and scales up the results of the Drive Sweden project AI Aware and adds new use cases that contribute to increased traffic safety, sustainability and accessibility with the help of AI. It will also adapt the technologies to local conditions in California and the USA. New data collection sources are added and California is added as a new geographic area.

The project focuses on developing solutions for predictive awareness that can contribute to predicting and avoiding dangers and accidents in traffic. In this second phase of the AI AWARE project, the project participants scale up the tests performed in the first phase and add data sources and traffic in California.

In order to drive the work, the project has the goals of, among other things, arranging bilateral project workshops with participants from Sweden and California on data exchange in the area to ensure two-way knowledge transfer, building a metadata list of data sources for data exchange purposes, exploring policy issues, performing public demonstrations in two locations (Gothenburg and California, Silicon Valley) and producing film and presentations for dissemination purposes. Furthermore, the project will result in export possibilities for Swedish companies creating a starting point for future collaboration.

The working packages within the project, led by Volvo Cars, will be working with the following themes: Apply Accident Risk Alert Layer in California, Connect Zenseact Test Fleet, Explore California data sources for AI-based Accident Risk Alert, Safe Speed Information Service, Smart Energy Predictions, Collaboration Sweden/California, Bilateral Policy Investigation and Demo & Evaluation.

Time period
September 2022-December 2023

Johan Amoruso Wennerby, Volvo Cars

Volvo Cars, ZenseactCarmenta AutomotiveHERE TechnologiesRISE, Swedish Transport Administration

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