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Open calls

Drive Sweden has a new open call. Read more here!

New open call

Safe and sustainable use of small vehicles using digital technology

Do you have an idea about how small vehicles can be used to a greater extent and in safer ways? In our new open call we offer funding for projects that use digital technology to achieve smarter, safer and more sustainable use of small vehicles.

Smaller vehicles have the potential to reduce congestion in the transport system and new types are constantly reaching the market. By small vehicles we mean smaller road vehicles that may only be driven at low speeds.

But the use raises many questions about both goods logistics and passenger transport. What is required for the vehicles to be used safely, securely and efficiently? Can digital technologies such as shared data from connected vehicles and drivers be used to improve planning for these vehicles? How can road safety be increased and the conditions for micro-deliveries improved?

Drive Sweden sees great opportunities to spur innovation in this area with the help of a targeted call. During the preparatory work, our network was invited to provide input to the design of the call, see results and presentations from that meeting here (in Swedish). We have also arranged three information meetings about the open call. Reach out to us if you want to take part of those presentations.

Information about the application process, the full text about the open call and the way to apply can be found at Vinnova's website - find a link below. The financing period is at a maximum of 24 months, each project can be granted up to SEK 3 million and financing can constitute a maximum of 50% of the total project budget. A maximum of SEK 15 million will be distributed by Vinnova/Drive Sweden.

Relevant open calls arranged by other actors

When there are open calls relevant for and arranged by our network, we will post them here.


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