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Road Traffic Safety for Electric Microvehicles (VIASAFETY)

The project VIASAFETY will study how traffic safety in connection with the use of small vehicles, for example electric scooters, various types of cargo bikes, bicycles, electric mopeds, at low speed on the road, can be improved.

VIASAFETY-projektets signumbild

This will be done to show the potential for a new mobility solution in a real environment in Gothenburg where there is a fleet of such electrified, connected vehicles, for the transport of goods and people. These vehicles will generate data that can be used in the project, by processing, analyzing and sharing with the project parties. After the project, a part of this generated data will be made available at SAFER and the program Closer for future research.

The project will develop analysis methods and tools for community planning and traffic planning as well as methods for finding risk zones in the traffic environment with small vehicles, at low speed. The project parties have AI-methods for collecting and analyzing the collected data. Data sets will be aggregated and anonymized, so that individual data will not be processed. In a work package the legal effect of this will be studied.

Project period
July 2023 - June 2025

John-Fredrik Grönvall, Chalmers

Ciklo, Vialumia, Vianova

Vinnova number