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CycleSense - Harnessing Data for Efficient and Sustainable Last-Mile Deliveries

The CycleSense project is grounded in the understanding that future transport-efficient cities will require customized transport vehicles and systems, and that electric cargo bikes have the potential to play a vital role in meeting this need.

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The project also recognizes the growing trend of using electric cargo bikes for last-mile transportation, and seeks to respond to the increasing demand for customized vehicles and systems.

The main objective of the CycleSense project is to develop and test business models and services for digital electric cargo bikes in collaboration with customers. One of the key challenges in this endeavor is the scarcity of data on cargo bikes, which is why the project aims to make this information accessible and useful. Additionally, the project will focus on creating new digital services for various target groups, as well as improving the hardware and software of cargo bikes to enhance their performance and functionality.

Project period
August 2023 - July 2025

Anna Clark, Trivector

Project coordinator

JySyTy AB och Backtick Technologies AB.

Reference group
MoveByBikeMylocFalkenklev LogistikMonark Exercise, KTHLindholmen Science ParkStockholms stadIBM.

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