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Drive Sweden Policy Lab

Since regulations cannot change in a speed that matches the quick development of technology and market, new methods for policy and regulation innovation are needed.

Drive Sweden Policy Lab presenteras på Drive Sweden Forum 220908.

The purpose of Drive Sweden Policy Lab is to explore how technology and service development relate to the existing laws and regulations for new mobility services that are being developed within Drive Sweden's project portfolio, and also to identify and overcome bottlenecks.

The work consists of three parts

  1. to assist some of the other ongoing projects within Drive Sweden's area of interest with policy and regulatory innovation.
  2. the project aims to synthesize experiences from the policy lab within Drive Sweden projects to convert experiences and insights from individual cases into general advice and recommendations. An example of this work is policy development on how work in garages and depots is affected by self-driving vehicles.
  3. the project aims to contribute with benchmarking of ongoing projects identified as above regarding the introduction of new technology and services within Drive Sweden's area of interest. The external monitoring is linked to the specific cases that are investigated in the policy lab.

The Drive Sweden Policy Lab targets specific cases from Drive Sweden projects and in 2020 the Policy Lab received funding to add another case to its portfolio, focusing on the prerequisites for collaborative data in logistic flows.

The project was in 2020 extended until August 2022 and will continue working on more cases.


Drive Sweden Policy Lab 2019/2020, is concluded. Read a report on their working methods here (summary in English). The following case studies were carried out:
Self-certification of autonomous buses (in Swedish)
Legal investigation for data sharing and transports (in Swedish)
Vehicle data for the benefit of the public – geofencing and business models (in Swedish)

Drive Sweden Policy Lab 2021/2022 is ongoing. The following case studies are concluded or ongoing:
​The tax situation for private carsharing in Sweden (in Swedish)
Possibilities and obstacles for the use of cameras in bus traffic (in Swedish)
Report on their working methods (in Swedish)
Case 4 – Traffic regulations of the future (in Swedish)

Time period
October 2019 - August 2022

Cilli Sobiech, RISE

Project partners
RISE (coordinator), Nobina Technology, Univrses, Observit, Järfälla kommun, Region Stockholm, Barkarby Science, Trafikverket, GoMore, Flexidrive/SnappCar, Heapsters/Heap, Hygglo, Coneeds/ihopa, Ezeride

Former partners:
Keolis, Åkeriföretagen, Boliden Mines Technology, EasyMile, Applied Autonomy, Göteborgs Stad, Combitech AB