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A new approach to mobility

Drive Sweden is driving the development of digitized, connected and shared mobility solutions for a sustainable transport system. Through broad collaborations, we develop and test new solutions that strengthen Sweden's competitiveness.

Parkeringsplats växer igen och täcks med gräs
kvinna beställer en bil som ska ta henne hem
uppkopplade lastbilar synkar med ett torn
A blurry picture of a city and traffic at night.
lego-gubbar på gräsmatta
Drive Sweden Forum 8 feb 2024

Watch presentations from Forum

The first Drive Sweden Forum of 2024 was held online on February 8 with nine project presentations, diving into the topics of next generation public transport, traffic safety and connected and automated vehicles. The links below will take you to the project pages where the recordings of the presentations can be found. See also keynote speakers Prachi J. Vakharia from Womanium in the US and Kai Kristoffersen from Norwegian Vy.
Tre personer stpr runt ett bord och pratar med varandra


In order to change our current mobility system to a connected, automated and sustainable system, cooperation between different kinds of stakeholders is necessary. Drive Sweden is an ecosystem of about 200 partners from industry, society and academia that together develop, test and implement efficient, connected, shared and automated transport solutions.
AI analys av trafik

Predictive Traffic Safety from AI AWARE Accelerates in the US

Connected solutions for increased traffic safety have been a recurring theme during Drive Sweden's first seven years. Through the project series AD AWARE, a variety of different solutions have been tested and then implemented. In the latest project, AI AWARE Scale Up, whose results will be presented during a final conference on November 23, 2023, the parties have taken the step across the Atlantic to continue their work and are now incorporating AI to further enhance its effect.



What really happened in Vegas

The old saying "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" does not always apply. On the contrary, the Las Vegas-based Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a prime example of how technology showcased there...
Collage2 - 4 talare från Forum

The projects - the source that makes Drive Sweden into a knowledge node, part 2

Every year, Drive Sweden co-finances around twenty projects. The project results contribute to building new knowledge, insights and solutions and open up collaborations that contribute to increase the...
En stor publik av människor är fokuserade på en föreläsning

Drive Sweden at the POLIS-conference

The POLIS Conference is a premier annual event for urban mobility leaders, fostering innovative discussions on the future of transportation in cities. As a hub for ideas and collaboration, it's an...

Upcoming events

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A blurry picture of a city and traffic at night.
Några av Innovation Clouds delar presenteras.

Drive Sweden Innovation Cloud

The project provides Drive Sweden with a technology and service platform to enable and drive development, demonstration and innovation of automated transport and mobility services, enabling Sweden and Swedish actors to reach Drive Sweden's goals of making Sweden a leader in the field. The cloud service, with all its functions, is available to project partners and can be used to interact with new actors.

En av Drive Swedens pusselbitar, med texten Affärsmodeller, uppsatt på en whiteboard med anteckningar.

Drive Sweden Business Model Lab

Automated Connected Vehicles and Mobility services create new business opportunities. Continuous improvements in technology address many of the current technological challenges, while business models remain a bottleneck.

Drive Sweden Policy Lab presenteras på Drive Sweden Forum 220908.

Drive Sweden Policy Lab

Since regulations cannot change in a speed that matches the quick development of technology and market, new methods for policy and regulation innovation are needed.

gata i stad

AI Driven Mobility

AI brings an enormous potential to enable new products and services and to make existing processes more efficient. AI therefore drives societal solutions and competitiveness for companies and organizations embracing the opportunities. AI driven mobility is one dedicated component to accelerate the Swedish mobility ecosystem in this direction.

Some of the SME Network partners at the MOVE conference in Austin, Texas 2022.

Drive Sweden SME Network

The Drive Sweden SME Network provides support to our partnership’s small and medium-sized partners in their efforts to promote smart mobility globally, while also growing as companies.



The progress made within the Drive Sweden platform has attracted a great deal of interest around the world. A testament to that is, among other things, that we have partners from 16 different countries. Through an increased international engagement, we are addressing the increased global interest in Drive Sweden while opening up new opportunities for knowledge-sharing and networking that can fuel the work to solve the challenges of future mobility.

Thematic areas

Illustration av samhällsfunktioner i en tänkt stadsmiljö. Illustration: Göteborgs stad.

Spatial planning

Digitalisation and automated transport systems can create value for societies. And we need spatial planning processes that enable the development and upscaling of the mobility of the future. In our...
En av Drive Swedens pusselbitar, med texten Affärsmodeller, uppsatt på en whiteboard med anteckningar.

Business models

New and more sustainable technology in mobility and transport services creates business opportunities. At the same time, business models and the economy's ecosystem have been identified as bottlenecks...
Data från trafik i Stockholm som visas i Innovation Cloud. Ett exempel på arbete med digital infrastruktur inom Drive Sweden.

Digital infrastructure

As the transport sector is transforming into being more connected, automated, electric and service oriented – there is a global race to quickly develop products and services to meet new needs and...

Public engagement

Public engagement in future mobility solutions has been identified as a priority for governments, industry and other stakeholders in order to reap the expected societal and business benefits linked to...
Fyra personer samarbetar vid bord

Policy development

New innovation risk to not be used or to be delayed due to old regulations. New digital mobility solutions are pushing all kinds of legal systems to change, adapt, clarify and make new definitions...