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Digital platform

The cloud platform Drive Sweden Innovation Cloud is used as a base for several projects that have funding from Drive Sweden, for example, several pilot tests with connected self-driving vehicles and new mobility services have been completed. The platform and the pilot trials have attracted national and international interest.

Några av Innovation Clouds delar presenteras.

Project objectives

The project's three main goals have been to provide Drive Sweden with a technology and service platform to enable and drive development, demonstrations of automated transport and mobility services. In 2022, the goal was also to develop Innovation Cloud and Traffic Tower with the aim of supporting investments in goods transport, logistics and micromobility. The third objective has been about developing knowledge around digital security and data sharing.


During the project period, the joint cloud platform has been provided with new extended functionality for Innovation Cloud and Traffic Tower with support for digital twin, AI, simulation as well as new software tools to find new insights in data. Since 2022, we have also put a greater interest in using functions to support projects with delivery robots and micromobility.

Time period
April 2022 - april 2023

Stig Persson, Ericsson 

Qlik, Saab Combitech, VOI Total 

Vinnova number

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