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Humanising Autonomy

Humanising Autonomy is a behaviour AI company building the global standard for intuitive interaction between people and machines. Our Behaviour AI builds trust and improves automation anywhere for a safer, more productive way of living. As a critical perception technology, Humanising Autonomy’s Behaviour AI Platform bridges the perception gap for automation at scale, bringing robotics with true understanding of human behaviour to any industry today.

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Our behaviour AI understands the full spectrum of human behaviours; regardless of environment, activity, culture or ability. With equal gender representation and a hugely diverse team, the company is actively hiring for both commercial and tech roles to grow and accelerate towards their vision of ethical AI, anywhere, for all people. Learn more at:

We see a world in which all machines understand people; and operate with a nuanced understanding of human behaviour.


Behaviour AI Platform

Humanising Autonomy’s Behaviour AI Platform adds a nuanced understanding of people to any environment for safer, more efficient human machine interaction. Deployment through fully customisable SDKs means behaviour AI is fine-tuned to your requirements; all you need is a camera.

From vehicle, consumer device or infrastructure cameras; integration onto multiple compute platforms or cloud deployment - Humanising Autonomy’s solution operates on them all, bringing scalable safety to any industry. Behaviour AI means better performance. Superior understanding of human behaviour means significant reduction in false positives, increased accuracy and more precise detection and intent prediction for immediate return on investment.

Curious as to how Behaviour AI can enhance your product offering? Learn more on our website.