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AI's potential for Drive Sweden - join our workshop


During 2019, a thorough analysis among Drive Sweden´s numerous partners were carried out, with the aim to answer the question on how AI could contribute to a more efficient, sustainable and safe transport system, but also how unwanted effects of AI could be avoided.

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Drive Sweden
AI Innovation of Sweden

The work has resulted in five different challenges connected to future mobility and transport where AI could be an enabler, accelerating the progress and finding new ways forward. As a result, Drive Sweden together with AI Innovation of Sweden, arrange a workshop where the participants will get the chance to elaborate on ideas for new projects.

The goal is to develop new projects through practical exercises. The interactive workshop will tackle the five challenges for which AI has been identified as an enabling technology. The challenges are:

  • Planning and maintenance of physical and digital infrastructure based on models developed from transport data
  • Traffic management for both national and urban roads
  • Forecasting of transport needs
  • Planned and real-time route optimization based on infrastructure conditions, planned roadworks, current conditions of roads
  • Support to people to make transport mode and route decisions

Time: 10.00 – 15.00, lunch is included.

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This event is sponsored by Vinnova, Sweden's innovation agency, through Drive Sweden.