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Voluntary industry agreement for the bus industry on geofencing

Can a shared and stated vision over technology change the industry standard for road safety and speed enforcement?

Elbuss kör under en br. Trottoar vid sidan med gröna träd utefter den

To create the conditions for an industry agreement to use geofencing to achieve common climate, road safety and work environment goals.


  • Mapping of targets with the ambition to create common target images for the bus industry
  • Mapping what an industry agreement for geofencing can mean for climate goals, increased understanding and knowledge transfer around geofencing, traffic safety goals and working conditions
  • Gather the industry via some major players to explore interest in common goals and an industry agreement on geofencing.

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Project period
November 2022 - February 2023

Fredrik Olsson 

Swedish Public Transport Association, Swedish Confederation of Transport Enterprises

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