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Sustainable mobility as a work benefit

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is an important part to put in place to enable sustainable travelling. With this feasibility study, we wanted to sift through new business models, technical solutions and digital platforms to see how they can best interact with physical solutions and policy measures to stimulate increased use.

Projekt Hållbar mobilitet som en förmån

The idea has been to test and scale up selected solutions in Järfälla. Järfälla municipality plans to build a new municipal office, which offers an excellent opportunity to under controlled conditions test and implement solutions to achieve an iterative evaluation and development process so that they can be scaled and disseminated to others. The feasibility study was intended to provide a basis for the development of mobility services for the municipality and also form the basis for conducting pilot tests in future steps and spreading these services outside the municipality´s organization.

For this, an in-depth knowledge base on the travel habits of Järfälla municipality´s employees is needed today, supplemented with an updated strategic analys. In this work, we have gained help from AFRY, with whom we previously collaborated in a project for mobility solutions within Viable Cities. They have also carried out a previous pilot project on their own account where an existing garage was converted into a modern mobility solution with an associated mobility pot and an integration with the benefits portal Benify. Järfälla also has Benify as a personnel portal and we see an opportunity to update and further develop the previous pilot to suit the municipality´s employees as well.

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Project period
November 2022 - March 2023

Ludwig von Werder, AFRY

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