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Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

The progress made within the Drive Sweden platform has attracted a great deal of interest around the world. A testament to that is, among other things, that we have partners from 16 different countries. Through an increased international engagement, we are addressing the increased global interest in Drive Sweden while opening up new opportunities for knowledge-sharing and networking that can fuel the work to solve the challenges of future mobility.

The competence within Drive Sweden's network is vast and our national partners have pushed development at a rapid pace. However, the challenges of future mobility must be solved in a larger context and in collaborations beyond the borders of our country – and an international exchange benefits all parties. The aims for our international work are, for example, that we wish to learn from and exchange experiences with other countries, find new ways of influencing the standards needed for a sustainable development, support our partners on the international arena and contribute to an increase in national R&D funding.

Drive Sweden Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is one of the most important areas in the world when it comes to the development of new mobility solutions. Drive Sweden started a project in December 2018 to place us in this context and since then we have a resource in place in Palo Alto. By also becoming a member of the Nordic Innovation House, we have created an arena for connecting our network with other stakeholders at the forefront of the mobility industry.

The main objective of the activities in Silicon Valley is to establish relevant networks and relations with strategic organizations and individuals in California. Through those relations and knowledge about the local ecosystem, support and strategic guidance can be provided to Nordic authorities, Drive Sweden members and projects funded by Drive Sweden and other Nordic funding sources.

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Read more about our now concluded project here

Elias Arnestrand is our resource in Silicon Valley. Are you interested in an extended exchange with players in Silicon Valley? Contact Elias:

Phone: +46 (0) 70 762 38 48

French-Swedish collaboration on smart mobility

In November 2017 Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, signed a strategic partnership between the countries on innovation, digital transformation and green solutions. Drive Sweden is an active stakeholder to drive this collaboration forward.

Companies, academic actors and authorities, regions and cities in both Sweden and France see a great potential with collaboration on smart mobility. Through Drive Sweden, with financial support from Vinnova and French BPI France, Banque Publique d’Investissement, this interest has led to workshops and open calls for projects.

Drive Sweden and Singapore

Many Swedish mobility stakeholders already enjoy a strong bilateral collaboration with partners & customers in Singapore. Furthermore, LTA and Trafikverket have signed an MoU on further collaboration on future mobility. Also, over the years Drive Sweden has had a great dialogue with LTA and other Singaporean entities.

In order to elevate and integrate all these pre-existing relations, bilateral innovation activities started to form in 2019. Several workshops have been arranged, and the intention – once the pandemic is out of the way – is to launch a mutually financed smart mobility innovation program, focusing on based on co-creation and sharing of data.