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Drive Sweden – Silicon Valley

The project is a resource within Drive Sweden to contribute to increased collaboration between Swedish actors within mobilitytech and the corresponding ecosystem in North America and Silicon Valley.


How can we develop our offer?
Digitization is in many ways the enabler of creating a sustainable transport system. This development is still in its infancy and we see how it changes roles, working methods, how citizens act and what expectations are placed on the public sector.

New players have in a short time become central to driving the development. An important question is how the public sector can interact with these in the best possible way, and thus contribute to a positive development for society.

In a global context, Sweden is in many contexts a marginal market. In order to attract the great development resources of global players and be able to influence the development direction, Sweden as a nation needs to develop, clarify and package our offering (for example in terms of available data and opportunities for digital collaborations). Through this, we can lay the foundation for Sweden as a global hub for the development towards a sustainable transport system.

What is it all about?

  • to get North American players to engage more actively in the Swedish market
  • to support Swedish companies and organizations in their development towards increased interaction with the North American market
  • to develop the knowledge of public actors in Sweden regarding the needs of the outside world and to provide support for policy development in the area.

Goals & deliveries
The overall goal of the project is to establish and strengthen Sweden's role as a hub in the area of ​​mobility with focus on players in Silicon Valley. This is by stimulating an increased exchange between the Swedish ecosystem of actors and the corresponding ecosystem in North America.

Concrete deliveries from the project are, for example, initiation of collaborative projects between actors in the two regions and various forms of external monitoring that are channeled to Swedish actors.

grafisk sammanfattning

Project period
December 15, 2018 - December 31, 2019

Elias Arnestrand

Project partners
The project was project-led by Elias Arnestrand, Zeto AB. Ove Petersson is a senior advisor function with stationing in Palo Alto throughout the project period.

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