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Shotl is a mobility platform that empowers public transport operators to supply on-demand mobility services through a network of vans and small buses. With the Shotl platform, vehicles are dynamically routed in real-time through algorithms that match and pool travellers as per each origin and destination.

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The objective of the company is to provide a valuable option in areas where public transportation is often insufficient and highly subsidised. These are residential suburbs of large cities, business parks, airports, or small villages. The platform can be applied to enhance accessibility for special communities like school students or commuters with physical disabilities.

The Shotl platform consists in three applications working seamlessly together:

  1. Passenger App that allows to submit a trip request in seconds.
  2. Driver App that guides and allows drivers to navigate to the pick-up and drop off locations.
  3. Management Module that allows fleet and operation managers have full access to a central console to supervise overall operation in real time.

Shotl works along with many cities and operators, including some suburban and rural areas and city neighborhoods. All cases, which proved successful, saw a big increase of ridership both when replacing existing fixed lines and when acting as first/last mile link, along with significant reduction of waiting and ride times.

Jesus Serra Santamans, 2 Pl. 0
Sant Cugat del Valles, Spain
+34 937 370 447