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Hur kommer vi att uppleva framtidens transportlösningar?

Baertling Hall, Kristian IV:s väg 3, Halmstad University

Välkommen att diskutera och lära om människocentrerad mobilitetsforskning och -utveckling, med lärdomar från projektet AHA II - A Human Approach.

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Halmstad University/AHA II project
Group of people in a workshop

(The event will be held in English)

New ideas and utopian as well as dystopian visions of future transport are emerging alongside with the development of cooperative, connected, electrified and automated mobility. The question is, what can we foresee and expect that these innovations will bring with them in terms of how people will experience future mobility in their everyday lives? And how can we ensure these technologies to be aligned with what people value and are willing to support while opening up new routes for sustainble futures to unfold?

A panel of experienced scholars and developers will give their views on future mobility from people-centred perspectives; where are we now, what can we hope for, what should we try to avoid and what should we design for?


  • Barry Brown, Professor of Human Computer Interaction, Stockholm University
  • Anya Ernest, Exploration Lead, Polestar
  • Marc Hassenzahl, Professor Ubiquitous Design / Experience and Interaction, University of Siegen
  • MariAnne Karlsson, Professor in Human Technology-Systems, Chalmers University of Technology
  • Malin Labecker, Senior Director Mobility Strategy, Volvo Cars
  • Pontus Wärnestål, Associate Professor in Informatics, Halmstad University, Design Director InUse
  • Vaike Fors, Professor in Design Ethnography, Halmstad University

Also, Thomas Lindgren, Technical Expert at Volvo Cars, and Industrial PhD candidate in Informatics at Halmstad University will defend his PhD thesis: "Recharging Future Mobility: Understanding Digital Anticipatory UX through Car Ethnographies".