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Drive Sweden temaområdesmöte: Samhällsplanering & Allmänhetens engagemang


Vem äger framtidens stadsbild? Det är temat när Drive Swedens temaområden Samhällsplanering och Allmänhetens engagemang anordnar ett webbinarium den 27 januari. Välkommen!

Arrangeras av: 
Drive Sweden

(Eventet hålls på engelska)

Who owns the cityscape of the future?

There is clearly a potential to use the spaces in our cities differently in the future. Not least has the pandemic highlighted this and made it more present in the discussions among the different actors in the planning process.

The goal with this seminar is to raise thoughts, inspire and discuss how the street space can be used in the future. Will we see a reallocation of the space and what will that mean for different users? In which way can we design the space and make it accessible for all? Who will be responsible for the change?

This seminar is co-hosted by the thematic areas Public Engagement and Society Planning within Drive Sweden. From the last seminar we picked up a desire from the participants to discuss the topics of: design for all and competition of space, so that is what we give you in this seminar.

Hopefully we can gain new knowledge and exchange experiences together.


09:30-09:45 Introduction

09:45-10:00 Food for thought
Alfred Nerhagen Helsingborg Stad, Anna Pernestål KTH, Jonas Andersson RISE Tobias Nordström Spacescape

10:00-10:25 Group discussions

10:25-10:40 Coffee break

10.40-11:30 Panel discussion
Jonas Andersson RISE, Alfred Nerhagen Helsingborg Stad, Maria Krafft Trafikverket, Ingrid Skogsmo VTI, Anna Pernestål, KTH Tobias Nordström Spacescape

11:30-12:00 Summing up
Sofia Ohnell RISE, Magnus Granström SAFER

Hope to see you there!

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