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Drive Sweden Forum: Transformation of the Mobility System – A Global Challenge


Välkomna till Drive Sweden Forum, som kommer att hållas online, den 9 september. Under ett spännande webbinarium kommer vi att utforska utvecklingen kring framtidens mobilitet på olika håll i världen, med talare från Asien, Europa och USA.

Du kommer få chansen att höra om internationella perspektiv på tjänsterna och produkterna som kommer att forma kommande mobilitetslösningar, insikter från Drive Swedens partners och projekt och presentationer om vad som behövs för att fortsätta driva på utvecklingen.

Eftersom vi inte kan ses fysiskt denna gång, tar vi tillfället i akt att lyfta våra partners och vänner runtom i världen. Du kommer att få presentationer från Singapore, Europa och Silicon Valley, med diskussioner som binder samman våra olika kontinenter.

Dagen kommer att bestå av tre separata block med olika fokus relaterat till utvecklingen inom mobilitet kopplad till de geografiska områdena.

Eventet kommer att hållas på engelska.

10:00-12:00 Asia Pacific

Keynote speech, collaboration between Sweden and Singapore, the development of smart, sustainable mobility in Singapore, partner pitches and updates from Drive Sweden projects.

  • Introduction to Drive Sweden and today’s conference, Jan Hellåker and Sofie Vennersten, Drive Sweden
  • Keynote speech, Lena ErixonDirector General at Swedish Transport Administration
  • Shaping a collaboration between Singapore and Sweden, Niclas Kvarnström, Ambassador of Sweden to Singapore
  • An update on the development of smart, sustainable mobility in Singapore, Wee Shann Lam, Chief Innovation & Technology Officer at the Land Transport Authority in Singapore
  • Establishment of memorandum of understanding between The Land Transport Authority in Singapore (LTA) and the Swedish Transport Administration, Wee Shann, Chief Innovation & Technology Officer, LTA in Singapore and Christer Löfving, Strategist at Swedish Transport Administration
  • Partner pitches:
    • mobilityX – Driving the development of mobility-as-a-service in Singapore, Lim Wee Meng, CEO mobilityX.
    •  NCS – The leading ICT service provider with presence in the Asia Pacific region, Howie Sim, Vice President Healthcare and Transport Client Service Unit NCS.
  • Project updates
    • SESMA – A small town perspective on shared mobility, Ulrika Lundh Snis, Project Manager SESMA, University West
    • KOMPIS – Swedish Roadmap for Mobility as a Service, Steven Sarasini, Project Leader KOMPIS, Senior Researcher RISE
    • Towards commercialization of control towers in Sweden, Sara Nozkova, Mobility Lead, Kista Science City
  • Summary and Q&A, Jan Hellåker and Sofie Vennersten, Drive Sweden

13:00-15:00 Europe

The EC perspective on future mobility, policies and regulations, project presentations and partner pitches.

  • Welcome back and introduction to the session, Jan Hellåker and Sofie Vennersten, Drive Sweden
  • Opportunities and challenges within future mobility from an EC perspective, Tom Alkim, Policy Officer Connected & Automated Driving at the European Commission, Directorate General Research & Innovation
  • Will the world harmonise on regulation for future mobility? Discussion with: Martin Russ, Managing Director, Austria Tech, Jessica Uguccioni, Lead Lawyer, Automated Vehicles Review, Law Commission of England & Wales, Catrin Tidström, Deputy Director Ministry of Infrastructure. Moderator: Kent-Eric Lång,Thematic Area Leader Drive Sweden, RISE
  • Personal integrity vs common good: Challenges when developing radically new vehicle capabilities, Martin Ivarson, Strategist at Volvo Cars Innovation Arena
  • Data-driven management of micromobility in a French-Swedish cooperation, Helene Carlsson, Project Manager City of Stockholm
  • Partner pitches
    • Padam Mobility – Their take on smart and dynamic Demand-Responsive Transport solutions, Antoine Lunet, International Business Manager.
    • Polestar – a brand of high performance electric vehicles, Anya Ernest, Business Design, Polestar
  • Summary and Q&A, Jan Hellåker and Sofie Vennersten, Drive Sweden

15:30-17:00 North America

The latest developments and an outlook from Silicon Valley, AI for sustainable mobility and a new Drive Sweden SME platform.

  • Welcome back and introduction to the session, Jan Hellåker and Sofie Vennersten, Drive Sweden
  • Insights into relevant developments in Silicon Valley and what the world needs to be prepared for in connection to the emerging transport system, Timothy Papandreou, Founder, Emerging Transport Advisors
  • How the NGO SharedStreets in collaboration with cities and companies in North America are pushing digitalization of the curb through standardization and collaboration, Emily Eros, Public Sector Tech Lead, SharedStreets & Open Transport Partnership
  • Scaling up Drive Sweden projects internationally – Univrses introduces 3DAI in the US, Jonathan Selbie, CEO Univrses
  • How can AI be an enabler for sustainable mobility, Mark Thomas, VP Marketing & Alliances, Ridecell, Vlad Voroninski, CEO and Inger Gustafsson, Head of Vinnova Silicon Valley Office
  • Fostering innovation through collaboration – The Drive Sweden SME platform, Martin Jönsson, Business Sweden
  • Q&A, conclusions and thank you, Sofie Vennersten and Jan Hellåker, Drive Sweden