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Att skapa framtidens mobilitetssystem

22 april 2021 14:00 till 15:30
Den 22 april har du möjlighet att lyssna och bidra till ett webbinarium där talare tar sig an frågan: hur skapar vi framtidens mobilitetssystem?

(The event will be held in English)

Join the webinar on the 22nd of April and listen to speakers such as Sofie Vennersten, Programme Director at the Strategic Innovation Programme Drive Sweden; Stefan Myhrberg, Director, Head of Road Intelligent Transport Systems at networking and telecommunications company Ericsson and Andreas Allström, Director of public funding and research collaborations at transport company Einride.

Together with the speakers, we will discuss how to improve safety, security, mobility, and efficiency. We will explore the mobility systems of tomorrow and the possibilities of a connected and automated sustainable transport system by showing examples of cutting-edge mobility solutions developed in Sweden.

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