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Telematics Valley Annual Conference

5 september 2018 (Hela dagen) till 6 september 2018 (Hela dagen)
Volvohallen, Gunnar Engellaus väg 2, 418 78 Göteborg
Disruptive Mobility - Together we will explore what can and is likely to happen in the world of automotive, transportation and cities as disruption continues.

From the agenda:

  • Disruptive trends in the world of telematics & mobility
    What kind of new players can we expect?
    Vertical vs horizontal movements
  • Technology and concepts enabling change
    Which are the enabling technologies?
    How can analytics help us to find new business models?​
  • Needs and strategies to change 
    How can we survive disruption?
    Where can established companies find a new position on the market?
    What are the successful alternative business models ?

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