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Drive Sweden Round Tables & Test Site Stockholm

Electrum, Kistagången 16, 164 40, Stockholm/Kista

Welcome to the second demonstration day of Test Site Stockholm - an arena for exploring the future of mobility, and to the Round Table-discussions about challenges and opportunities regarding the automated transport in cities, with a particular attention to city distribution and platooning. You are invited to join us, not only to be inspired by the demonstrations, but to share your opinions because we believe shared knowledge will bring us further.

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Drive Sweden

During the Round Tables in the morning, we will ask for your help and input when we discuss challenges and opportunities regarding the automated transport in cities, with a particular attention to city distribution and platooning. 

In all, we are aiming at sharing information, and clarify the challenges within the transport area as well as future possibilities through electrification, digitalization and automation. What kind of activities can and should we focus on?

Within each of the four Round Tables, we want to illustrate and evaluate important areas.
The discussions can generate input for future calls.

During the afternoon Demonstrations, our partners will be showing some of their ideas for creating future sustainable mobility, and how joint actions can bring us towards a shared, connected and automated future.


  • 09.00 Registration - Coffee available
  • 10.00 Welcome and Introduction - Drive Sweden Round Tables & Test Site Stockholm
  • 10.15 Drive Sweden Round Tables;
  1. City & Society
  2. Users
  3. Technology
  4. Transport System
  • 10.30 Group discussions #1
  • 11.15 Interlude Keynote speech on Users
  • 11.30 Group discussion #2
  • 12.00 Test Site Stockholm - Introduction to the Demonstrations
  • 12.30 Demonstrations starts - see details below
  • 15.00 Summary, including presentations of outcome from the Group discussions
  • 16.00 Mingle at Kista Streetfood Park
  • 18.00 End of day
  • The RCV-Research Concept Vehicle will demonstrate autonomous driving inside a parking lot, avoiding vehicles and pedestrians. 
  • Autonomous Bus - A Scania bus developed for autonomous driving will be stationed in Kista, showing the next generation of automous transport. 
  • SML – Smart Mobility Lab - Using live traffic data from the Kista area, the SML will show how examples of route optimization for a simulated shuttle.
  • Human-Vehicle-Interaction - The ability of the vehicle to communicate with pedestrians, cyclists and other entities will be demonstrated.
  • Remote Driving and Takeover - Using haptic feedback and video equipment, Ericsson will show how the driver can be placed in the seat of the vehicle, while remaining in a different location.
  • The Connected Bus Stop - Connected to the cloud showing live traffic data, where the bus is, the weather forecast and information about the city. All important factors in planning the most efficient route through a city. 
  • Live Right Now Veridict provides A 3D virtualization of the city with live information regarding the transportation system, helping vehicles and the services that govern them make better decisions.

NB: Some demos will be outdoors, so check the weather forecast!

  • During the day coffee and a light lunch will be served.

The event is open for everyone, but the venue has a limitation of 120 attendees, so register right away, but at the latest the 30th of August.

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The event is free of charge, but there is a no-show fee of SEK300.