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Service shuttle

Our hypothesis has been that purchased travel services by taxi instead of company vehicles have a number of advantages -economically, ecologically and socially in a municipality. In this prestudy, we have tested the hypothesis and we have prepared a pilot project.

Bilar köar på motorvägen i mörkret

The project  "Company travel shuttle service" aims to investigate the economic, environmental and social consequences of replacing municipal company cars with transport services such as taxis and various forms of shared mobility, carried out with vehicles that have a high environmental performance. The goal of the preliminary study is to deliver decision-making material that municipalities can use for decisions about participation in a subsequent pilot project, alternatively to develop a similar operation on their own.

The project provides a basis for how business travel can be organized for the future and with the changed behavior in the direction of service creation and the sharing economy. In order to function smoothly, both IT support and the need for technical development will be highlighted. The project addresses a new collaboration between municipal administrations and the contractors for the services themselves and the need for, for example, vocational training. The project focuses on how behavioral changes can be promoted for everyday travel behavior within municipal administrations.

Take part in the final presentation of the project

Project period
January 2023 - September 2023

Fredrik Holm

Swedish Taxi Association, Clmate cities and regions and Karlstad municipality

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