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AI Aware

AI Powered Awareness for Traffic Safety (AI Aware) is a concept to investigate and test central traffic control supporting connected and automated vehicles. Through a collaborative cloud environment, we will research how AI can enable predictive awareness in a Smart City context.

By collaborating between traffic authorities, traffic management providers, map and location data providers and OEMs, an increased level of predictive awareness could be reached. Also, by aiming beyond real-time the project has the potential to predict and prevent an accident from happening. The collaborative Drive Sweden Innovation Cloud infrastructure will be used for communicating warning messages and thereby preventing accidents and hazards from occurring.

The project was extended into a second phase, AI AWARE Scale Up.

Time period
November 2020 - September 2022

Johan Amoruso Wennerby, Volvo Cars

Volvo Car Corporation (Coordinator), ZenseactCarmentaEricssonHERE TechnologyTrafikverketCity of GothenburgLindholmen Science Park

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