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Applied Autonomy

Transport operators and cities needs tools and insights to transform to sustainable, optimized and reliable automated transport. Applied Autonomy has a platform that supports operations of sustainable automated transport. The company has a leading market position with two of our products; Smart Mobility Management and Smart Fleet Management.

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We are certified for autonomous transport with international partners and have already won several awards and customers with ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue).

Smart Mobility Management (SMM)

SMM is a tool that provides insights of the day-to-day transport door to door. SMM is used for planning and optimization of services to all mobility modes and for all  transport actors.  Customers are public sector, mobility operators and local businesses in cities and rural areas. 

Smart Fleet Management (SFM)

SFM is an advanced tool for  planning, optimization, operation and monitoring of automated vehicles and machines. All types of automated vehicles, machines and logistics systems can be integrated when the vendor provides necessary interfaces. Customers are private and public operators and infrastructure owners.

Sustainability Goals

Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals

  • Good health and well-being
    Shared mobility reduces ambient air pollution from emissions, improves passenger safety, reduces traffic and frees parking spaces for use as green areas. Autonomous vehicles increase the safety of vulnerable road users such as children, people with disabilities and the disabled.
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure
    As part of a well-functioning urban environment, transport systems must be able to move people both quickly and efficiently. Applied Autonomy has the expertise to help build a city’s autonomous fleet infrastructure.
  • Sustainable cities and communities
    Urban expansion has brought energy consumption and ambient air pollution to unsustainable levels. Shared mobility enables cities to reduce consumption of energy through smart transportation.