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Digital Proving Ground

The project provides Drive Sweden and its members with digitized testing opportunities for new connected, automated and shared mobility services. This is achieved through integration between cloud-based platforms and AstaZero´s vehicle-centric test platform (ATOS) and through the application of selected use cases.

Digital Proving Ground - Digitala testbanan

Test tools are today adapted for traditional vehicle development, with an emphasis on vehicle-centric functions. Therefore, there is a great need to enable tests of new mobility services, which are largely connected, automated, and shared.

Such test tools need to build on extensive digitalization and data sharing, to enable holistic testing of new mobility. Integration between platforms bridges the gap and provides a better collaboration between Drive Sweden´s members and various actors in the development of the automated transport system, which creates new business opportunities and increased competitiveness. The integration between the platforms creates the first digital proving ground in the world for test cases and information flows, supporting the development of the automated transport system.

Because the integrated platforms support communication and information flows, reality-based tests will be able to be carried out. The project´s results provide input to the project Digital Infrastructure for the Connected and Automated Transport system within Vinnova´s Advanced Digitalization program. The input consists of requests and requirements to secure the future interfaces within digital infrastructure for data and information flows, and these interfaces can also be used by Digital Proving Ground. The projects will run partly in parallel.

Project period
September 2023 - May 2025

Linda Rösen, AstaZero

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