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Univrses is a 3D Computer Vision and Machine Learning company. Univrses’ products include 3DAI™ Engine, a series of discrete components that contribute to increasing the autonomy of a system. Each component can be adapted and deployed in different applications where autonomy and automation is needed. We focus on smart cities, mobile robotics and autonomous driving but have also worked in various other industries. Our technical focus is in areas like 3D Positioning, 3D Mapping, 3D Localization, Deep Learning and Object Detection.

3DAI™ City

Smart city platform giving access to timely, relevant and actionable data about your city

The 3DAI™ City platform is a cost-effective and scalable answer to the growing demand for data about the urban environment. Raw data such as images and other sensor readings captured by the smartphone are processed on the edge using Univrses’ perception software, 3DAI™ Engine to detect and map urban and roadside features. The processed data (made anonymous) is sent to Univrses’ dashboard to give meaningful, accurate and real-time insights about the environment. The data can be used to manage infrastructure by delivering recent and accurate insights that enable data driven decision making and more efficient city management. It serves as an effective tool for modern cities to solve real world problems, save money and, potentially, save lives.

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