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RoadCloud provides real-time, comprehensive and hyper-local road quality and road weather data. By equipping commercial fleets of vehicles with our high-fidelity sensors, we are able to continuously collect high quality data on the state of the entire road network. We fuse these measurements with in-car sensor data and use machine-learning to calculate premium data sets, such as road friction, in real-time. Using this process, we collect over 100.000 kilometres worth of data every day.

RoadCloud data increases efficiency and reduces cost for the road maintenance industry all year round. Our optical sensors can distinguish between (black) ice, slush, snow and pooled water in all lighting conditions, which means that winter services vehicles can be routed dynamically to address hazardous driving conditions – increasing safety and reducing the amount of salt needed to cover the road network. Our fleets are also measure road surface quality, which gives road maintenance decision makers and companies an excellent tool to prioritize road sections and measure the effectiveness of their activities.

Car manufacturers use RoadCloud data to develop their driver assist functionality and autonomous driving capabilities. By using RoadCloud data as ground truth for friction measurements or for increasing self-driving test corridors, OEM’s can speed up development and increase the accuracy of their AI algorithms.

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