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VIDEO: Drive Sweden Forum

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Den 26 januari 2022 höll vi ett nytt Drive Sweden Forum under temat "Digitaliseringen av transportsystemet". Denna gång var vi stolta över att kunna presentera Anna Hallberg, minister för utrikeshandel och nordiska frågor, Trent Victor, Director of Safety Research and Best Practices på Waymo, Jan Larsson, vd för Business Sweden och en stark uppställningen av andra talare. Se hela eventet här!

Som alltid var eventet packat med nya perspektiv, omvärldsspaningar och resultat från pågående initiativ och samarbeten inom Drive Sweden.

Agendan såg ut så här:

(Eventet hölls på engelska)

Welcome, introduction to the day and updates from Drive Sweden
Josephine Darlington, Programme Coordinator Drive Sweden, Malin Andersson, Programme Director Drive Sweden, Jan Hellåker, Chairman Drive Sweden.

Drive Sweden – the history of now. We have reached our halfway mark, what progress have we made and what do some of our partners think of Drive Sweden?
Peter Janevik, AstaZero and John Hultén, K2.

Setting the scene
Anna Hallberg, Minister for Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs.

Theme: The Infrastructure

Control towers – an important part of the developing transport system
Stefan Myhrberg, Ericsson, Elisa Bin, ITRL KTH and Sigma Dollins, 5G Ride/RISE.

Making our cities more efficient – intelligent traffic management
Shahriar Gorjifar, Urban Transport Administration City of Gothenburg.

Digital Infrastructure - are we ready for autonomy?
Dialogue with Olof Johansson, Swedish Transport Administration.

Theme: The Business Model

The difficulties and potential in business models for digitized transportsystems and transport solutions – Drive Sweden Business Model Lab Cases from 2021
Roland Elander, Sustainable Innovation, Tobias Forngren, Freelway and Lisa Säfwenberg, Stora Enso.

The potential of data driven maintenance
Alfred Lindberg, Univrses.

Theme: Planning and Preparing the Public Sector for a Digital Shift

Working together on common challenges connected to the future connected city
Anders Bengtsson, Future by Lund, Marie Karlsson, Project Manager DigInfra, with findings from the project DigInfra.

Is the public prepared for Autonomy?
Joakim Jonsson, Volvo Buses/the KRABAT project, wp Autonomous city buses.

Theme: The Future Policies and Regulations – How Do We Make Them to Ensure They Do Not Hinder Innovative Solutions?

Einride and the SCAT project
Dialogue between Kent-Eric Lång, RISE/Drive Sweden Thematic Area Leader Policy Development, Pia Berglund, Einride and Jenny Lundahl, RISE about challenges for autonomy and the lack of digital preconditions.

Diving deep into the regulations hindering mobility innovation – the Drive Sweden Policy Lab
Jenny Lundahl, RISE.

Theme: Creating a safer and human centered city scape

AI Aware - combining city and vehicle data to predict accidents
Johan Amoruso-Wennerby, Volvo Cars, Carl Lindberg, Zenseact, Petter Djerf, HERE Technologies and Kristian Jaldemark, Carmenta.

Building Swedish competitiveness internationally
Jan Larsson, CEO Business Sweden.

Why is human centric design important in planning the new mobility system? How do we understand and incorporate citizens needs? How can new tools help us in this?
Panel discussion with Vaike Fors, Halmstad University, Patricia La Torre, Humanising Autonomy, Susanne Duval Innings, City of Helsingborg.

Keynote: Waymo Safety Performance
Trent Victor, Director of Safety Research and Best Practices at Waymo.