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Ticket to ride – or not?

Monday, Augusti 21, 2023

Germany’s nationwide launch of a ticket that provides unlimited national travel on all city buses, subways and trams in every municipality for only €49 per month seems to be paying off.

Blippa kort på bussen

Train rides are increasing, and the number of car trips is decreasing compared to pre-pandemic numbers.

Now Stavanger takes it one step further. In an experimental trial launched in early July, city residents get free rides on all public transportation. The purpose of the pilot is to increase the modal share for active travel and public transit to 70% of all journeys in the city, known as the oil capital of Norway.

Further south in Europe, in Genoa, a comprehensive MaaS offering was just launched to its 600,000 citizens and 3,5 million annual visitors. The GoGoGe app enables them to plan, book, and pay the cheapest fare for multimodal trips by integrating the city’s public and private transport services.