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Mobilitetsleverans medan du är parkerad på stranden!

Friday, Juni 28, 2024

Du kanske har gått på semester men inom mobiltetsbranschen är det alltid rörelse och saker på gång. Ta del av de senaste nyheterna, kanske från stranden! Läs originalartikeln på engelska. 

A photorealistic image of a beach scene featuring an electric scooter and an autonomous car. The electric scooter is parked on the sandy beach

It had been in the works for quite some time; New York City was set to be the first U.S. city to implement a congestion tax on vehicles entering the busiest part of Manhattan. But suddenly and surprisingly, the Governor decided to pull the plug on the initiative, possibly considering public opinion with the upcoming elections.

Micromobility approaching green light

Since their arrival, electric scooters and other forms of micromobility have been a focal point, with their pros and cons consistently evaluated. Drive Sweden’s Micromobility Network is one of the stakeholder groups aiming to move the needle in the right direction. According to a new study from OECD’s ITF group, micromobility has now become much greener compared to when it first arrived.

Busy like bees

Summer is here, but AV developers don’t seem to be taking a vacation just yet. Zoox is adding two more cities to their tests. Cruise is slowly getting back on track after a very troublesome period and has put new leadership in place. Aurora and Uber Freight are getting closer to commercially operating driverless trucks. Finally, the waitlist has been removed from Waymo’s service in San Francisco. Needless to say, if you’re at all interested in smart mobility and happen to pass by the Bay Area, make sure you take the opportunity to experience the Waymo service.

Elon Musk challenges himself

The last person to take a long vacation is probably Elon Musk, and this summer he will have to work harder than ever. On August 8, he has promised to roll out a universal robotaxi service based on existing Tesla cars, enabling owners to make money by letting them run as driverless taxis. Given Tesla’s dubious reputation on “Full Self Driving,” this announcement seems to require a small miracle. When this newsletter returns from our holiday, we promise you a full report on that Tesla event.