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Mixed signals about the micromobility industry

Monday, September 25, 2023

It has been less than a month since the city of Paris’ implemented a ban of electric scooters owned by micro-mobility operators, which took place on September 1. So far, there haven't been many reports regarding the perceived outcomes of these new regulations, but the sentiment appears to be spreading to Germany.

En person på elscooter och en på elcykel i en stadspark

A recent German survey showed that almost half of Germans would favor a similar ban in their home country. However, it should be noted that, in both the Paris referendum and in this survey, there was a large majority of respondents who had never tried a scooter themselves.

 At the same time, in North America, recent statistics show that micromobility usage has returned to pre-pandemic levels. Last year, a total of 157 million trips on rented scooters or bikes were made in North America. The survey also reported that 37% of those trips replaced what otherwise would have been car journeys, and 64% of the riders claimed that they use micromobility to connect to public transportation.

 As another strong signal to the micromobility industry, one of its main actors Lime, recently reported that last year’s marginal profits have been increasing during the first half of 2023. So, perhaps, if micromobility operators can effectively manage the public perception of scooters, a financially viable future is within reach?