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Drive Sweden at Japan’s annual SIP-adus workshop

Monday, November 21, 2016

SIP-adus, or Strategic Innovation Program for Automated Driving for Universal Services, is a Japanese government-sponsored effort to gather the national resources around automated driving, and it has a very similar approach as Drive Sweden.

Last week, on November 15-17, the third SIP-adus workshop on connected and automated driving systems was held in Tokyo, at the International Exchange Center. Close to 500 attendees had registered to the event, which was keynoted by two ministers; Yosuke Tsuruho, Japan's Minister of State for Science and Technology Policy, and Finland’s Minister of Transport and Communications, Ms. Anne Berner.


SIP-adus is organized in six different workstreams around which the bulk of the program was focused. SIP-adus short term focus is on pilots during the Tokyo Olympic games in 2020, and on the longer term a lot of emphasis is put on automation serving the growing elderly population in Japan.
In one of the plenary sessions, Drive Sweden’s Jan Hellåker joined representatives from the US, UK, Japan, Germany and the European Commission, to present the current status in their respective region.