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Chinese-Swedish round table discussion on road-safety

In Beijing, the topic of the day was road safety, as specialists from China, Sweden and also Canada shared their insights. Amongst the Swedish representatives were Anna Johansson, Minister for lnfrastructure and Jan Hellåker, Program Director, Drive Sweden.
Anna Johansson, Sweden's Minister for lnfrastructure

Today's round table discussion was hosted by the China Research lnstitute of Highway Ministry of Transport (RIOH), the lnternational Forum for Road Transport Technology (IFRTT) and the Swedish Embassy.

The meeting focused on road safety issues for commercial vehicles, looking at the latest technologies as well as how policy and regulation can promote safer road transports. The aim was to take a cross-functional approach to the topics discussed, underlining the importance of cooperation.

Anna Johansson, Sweden's Minister for lnfrastructure, talked about the Swedish Vision Zero. Vision Zero, the Swedish transport safety model, has captured a lot of interest around the world. The long-term objective is that no one shall be killed or seriously injured in traffic and that the design, function and use of the transport system shall be adapted to the standards this requires.

Later during the day, the future of sustainable transports and autonomous driving was on the agenda, as Jan Hellåker, Program Director at Drive Sweden, gave a presentation.

During the day, participants from the Swedish Transport Administration, the Ministry of Transportation of China, the China Federation of Logistics, the University of Michigan, RIOH and VBG Truck Equipment all adressed different areas within road safety, sharing insights from their respective field and country.