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Webbinarium: THINGS eBazaar™ – Smart Mobility

19 maj 2020 16:00 till 17:30
(Eventet hålls på engelska) We are inviting you to our eBazaar™ - Smart Mobility May 19, with Drive Sweden as eBazaar™ Partner. Six of our most interesting ”corporate ready” members at THINGS within Smart Mobility will present their company and offerings in 15 minutes to an international crowd of potential customers, partners and selected analysts, investors and media.
The webinar's details and some of the speakers.

In this eBazaar™ we will cover different angles of Smart Mobility from customized electrical fleets and vehicles for last mile logistics to efficient dialogues and using brain signals to check the shape of remote drivers. Our eBazaars™ are free of charge and we use Zoom as the online tool. 

Our attendees include Hyundai Europe, Volvo Group Venture Capital, Scania, Voi, Telia Company, Mavenir, net4things, Santander, Tele2, IHI Europe, Applied Autonomy, nebext, Sierra Wireless, Spintop Ventures, RF SAS and ICT Holding. 

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Arrangeras av eBazaars™ in collaboration with Drive Sweden.