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Reconnecting to the Chinese Auto Market

23 juni 2020 09:00 till 10:00
(Eventet hålls på engelska) Welcome to a Business Sweden webinar on the recovering automotive industry in China. Hear about how it is bouncing back after covid-19 and how to reconnect to the Chinese market.
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China's automotive industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 epidemic, yet, is bouncing fast back to pre-COVID since increasing demand and government has been strengthening incentives with the purpose of pushing positive market growth. The passenger vehicle sales are almost back to pre-coronavirus levels of growth. The sales for commercial vehicles also looks promising driven by the new round of infrastructure investment. New opportunities are emerging enlighten the transformation of  industry as well as the society in the period of post-COVID.

Business Sweden cordially invite you to this webinar that will cover insights such as post-COVID business landscape in China NEV and key initiatives, with a hands-on approach to reconnecting to the Chinese market.

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