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Public acceptance of driverless high-capacity automated buses


(Eventet hålls på engelska) Integration of high-capacity automated buses to public transport (PT) can reduce energy consumption, curb greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), and make bus travel smoother and safer. But there are still some challenges that go beyond automation per se, linked to the fact that that a driver will no longer be present in the vehicle.

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In this workshop we will share the main integration challenges determined in the Luxembourg pilot carried out within the Horizon 2020 project called PAsCAL. We will demonstrate why passenger acceptance of driverless full-size automated buses is not only about perceived vehicle safety (crash risk) but also security (crime risk).

In addition, the workshop will have two special guest speakers: Henriette Cornet, talking about SHOW project and Mikael Johansson sharing the insights about passenger acceptance of automated buses collected in the KRABAT project.